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Selling a few creatures


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Alright, so after the festivities and holiday buying, I'm left with a few spare creatures. I don't have to sell them right away, but I thought I'd post them up just in case anyone might be interested.

[b]five pimps[/b] - Feel free to bid on them however you'd like. I'm willing to sell all of them for 2 silver each.

[s][b]A fresh reindrach egg[/b] - Let's start bidding at ten gold's worth of credits or coins. (credits have a conversion rate of $5 = 1 gold IMO)[/s] sold

[b]Fresh sharpie[/b] - I'll sell it at 1 gold immediately, but let's start the bidding at 5 silver.

S[b]oulweaver with 150 age [/b]- I probably won't sell it since it is of use to me. If someone wants to bid 4 gold though, they can have it.

Edit: Bidding will end on the turn of the new year, so sometime during January first or 24 hours after the last bid.

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