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Selling a Gold Coin.


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Where is your coin from?
I have a MDA Gold coin, that I might trade, (totally guessing that it might change to the coin's homeland if I trade??) if it's for Marind Bell or Golemus.
(go to Inventory Details to see what "land" the coin thinks it's from)
[spoiler]My Gold Coin:
Gold coin (ID: ####)
Very valuable gold coin, useful for trading. Each coin is marked with a unique serial. 2011 Edition. SN:1300492070
MagicDuel Archives[/spoiler]

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My offer

Imp age 222, heat 300k + Toxicodendrite age 98, heat 200k, tokens:stardust + tormented soul age 58, tokens:firedrop & stardust + pimp age 17, heat 100k + unholy priest age 58, heat 1 mil.

Was planning to make some new year clean up.

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