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New Market Value of morphs?

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I am, of course, referring to the announcements as well as recent releases of large populations of morphs.

[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2149 - [2011-12-27 18:05:33 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]Morph rarity affected[/b]
During the Christmas event random ctcs were given out, both very rare but also very common creatures of little value. Confused santa had no clue what it was comming out of his bag (not to mention he was confused). Both too rare and too common creatures were frozen to ice, then turned to fine snow and reconstructed into morphs. If you received something you never saw before or something too common, check your inventary again in the next hour for a snowball. The morphs can't be traded after they morph.

MARKET INFO: Morph population will increase due to this with about 50 morphs total.

Can anyone speculate on what morphs will be going for, in light of recent events? Do you think this will cause inflation, or will they still be priced at around 20-30 gold a piece?

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They will still be the same price. While there are more of them, once they morph they are basically taken off the market again, so the value of an un-morphed morph is the same.
Which sucks for me since I still haven't been lucky enough to get one *laughs*

Although, this could change in the future if Mur starts melting them more often (look back in the announcements if you don't know what I mean)

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