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MD Calender Integration

Kyphis the Bard

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There are a lot of regular events that happen at the same interval every time. Personally, I would like to see them added to the Calender, rather than posted in the Announcements.

I'm talking about events such as the Beginning of HC (Not the end, that should remain in announcements), Item Regrouping, Spell Casts Refresh, and other such, regular, events.

Also things like the MD birthday, Murmas, and any other holidays MD decides to celebrate annually, although in these cases there would (obviously) still be announcements about the event. It being on the calender would just make it a little bit more searchable.

If you can think of anything else, please post below.

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I agree that we should integrate events with the calendar. It's something you see every time you login for the day, but it usually displays useless information that I don't even click on.

Having the MD calendar as sort of a "current events" page would at least make the utility useful. It would also make searching the calendar relevant.

The only thing I'd be afraid of is the fact that it might end up looking like MD has two announcements pages...

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That's why it would only be the regular, spammy announcements that get moved there. For example, as I said above, the announcement for the begining of the HC would be in there, but not the one for the end of stage one and two (since these fall on different dates/times each time, and often contain important information for the participants, as well as historical data on the winners)

The HC is an especially good example, since it falls on a set date rather than a set day, and has the same interval every year, it doesn't require any reworking each year (it is possible that some such as the item regrouping, which happens on a set day rather than a set date, would require either for it to be reentered each year, or for some automated system to calculate it as the year goes by, both of which could be a bit of work)

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