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sawdust harvesting bug


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With the new change that shows in chat what we harvest, I noticed that when I harvest lumber, I also get a message that sawdust was harvested as well.

[i][color="#669966"]Esmaralda collects lumber and sawdust as a byproduct[/color][/i]

However, it does not appear in my inventory. The sawdust never did before either when I already had 1 sawdust in my inventory and I always assumned that if you already had 1 sawdust, you cannot get more (if I was to pass it to someone and harvest again, I would get the sawdust).

However, now that it actually says in chat that I do get a sawdust, I'm thinking this is a bug.

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Its normal that you don`t get extra sawdust if you already have some. The same kind of message appeared when i gathered herbs with flowers.

I`m guessing it would have been to complicated to leave a separate message for when you already have the byproduct in your inventory so they just left it as it is.

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[quote][color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1590 - [2010-08-10 22:57:21 - Stage 10][/color]
Byporducts will appear only if you have none. That means for example if you gather lumber with a saw, you will get sawdust, but you wont get any the second time if you already have it. If you transfer it away you will get it again next time you use the saw. Byproducts are like optional products, you could actively cumulate them if you want so by constantly sending them to someoen else, or you could ignore them and they wont increase in count. Importance and usage of byproducts will be according to this.[/quote]

[color=#808080][i]there is no bug, it is said that byproducts are not stackable, you collect it, but it doesn't add.[/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]anyway, the chat feature mentioned in the new announcement should have it fixed now...[/i][/color]

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