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Selling a few creatures


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A few Pimps, Imp, and Jokers for sale, plus an Angien Egg if anyone's interested.
Make an offer here, or contact me in-game (inside Sage's Keep probably, or the Angien Ferry).
I'll accept coins, creatures, items, etc.
...or favors. :huh::cool: (not the kind DST enjoys finding!)

[b]Pimped [/b] Grasan named Nadrolski
Stored Heat 1832642
Age 190

Stored Heat 320854
Age 133
Tokens = [claw1] [onyxfangs]

[b]Joker #2[/b]
Stored Heat 64373
Age 231

[b]Unholy Priest[/b]
Stored Heat 7901
Age 14

[s][b]Angien Egg[/b] (3sc Chengmingz)
Stored Heat 51753
Age 96
Tokens = [sunshine][/s]

[s][b]Pimped[/b] Grasan[/s] (5sc - darkraptor)
[s]Stored Heat 546879[/s]
[s]Age 27[/s]
[s]Tokens = [emeraldglare] [antifreeze] [darkshield][/s]

[s][b]Imperial Aramor[/b][/s] (6sc - darkraptor)
[s]Stored Heat 537076[/s]
[s]Age 138[/s]
[s]Tokens = [stardust] [darksky] [onyxfangs][/s]

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Darkraptor, you get the Imp and Pimp, so you don't get into a bidding war with someone.
I'll keep the other creatures open for another day or so, unless no one else bids on them.
They'll probably get sacced Tuesday after tool resets, if no one wants them.

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*laughs* Well, one forum post and three separate PMs in-game... I'll publicly state that sir Pimp Nadrolski will not be sacrificed. :)
I'll just hold on to them I suppose, and put the CTCs in as quest rewards someday.
Don't panic folks! :unsure:

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