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newyear competition


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is there not a better way to start the new year with a nice sparring comp

in short this competition is unlike the ones that happened before
[b]this competition wil happen in rounds[/b]

fighting will go as always, win both in attack and def

under what conditions you fight will depend on the round
these conditions can be from "everything allowed" to "you can only use following creats in your rit"
everything is possible

[size=5][u]a simple rule:[/u][/size]
-you can only use things from yourself, no outside help (so no spells from someone else, or not using creats from someone else in any way, so not even mirrorrit etc)

win the round 5points
2nd ->4 points

[u][b]how to enter the competition:[/b][/u]
you state here your playername and mp lvl
and you must pay an entry fee (no pay, no play)

these fees will be used for the rewarding

entry fees depend on the richess of the player
players with: 0-1gc pay 1sc
1-2 ->2 sc
2-3 ->3 sc
3-4 ->4 sc
4+ -> 5sc

young mp3s with no money can enter the comp without paying

if you carry only 10 sc at the moment but have fe 3morphs, 2 tainted and 5 items etc you will be considered a 4gc+ player,
so please just pay the correct sum
i will post a list with what every player payed

[u][b]rewarding[/b][/u] will go as following:

price money will be kept separate per mp level
first place 40% of the total sum of entry fee
second 30%

good maths can see 10% is missing,
this will be devided over the rounds and handed to the winners after all rounds are over

[b][u]other usefull information:[/u][/b]

max date to sign up february 2nd

round one starts at february 4th and will be announced feb 2nd

next round starts after a month or when all fights are over, whichever is sooner

no, i wont announce the rounds nor the amount on forehand


Eagle eye


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i have exams in this month so i cannot be this active as i wish i could be
thats why the enddate for signing up was set so late
if you happen to pay me the entry fee while im idling, send me a screenshot
to save us both possible trouble in the future

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i have 1 Gold Coin, i do not use any morphed creatures in fights, i do not have any tainted angiens, i have 3 permanent non-usable items (rest are consumables, tools and resources), and i want to join your contest together with COTS

but how much would you charge me?

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paying sytem is based on creature inventory worth and player inventory worth
if either of the two (or combined) makes you a "wealthy" player, you ll have to pay full price even tho you only carry few coins atm

with your dowser activity you could ve made enough money (same would be for woodcutters and memory stone, etc)
and i take that your creats, even tho you might not have tainteds or morphs (those creatures i mentioned in my original post were only examples) i guess your creatures are far from basic (tokened up and enough (semi) rares/shop creats)
and that with the worth of your inventory that would make you a wealthy player

so you d have to pay the full sum of 5sc (which in my eyes isnt that much for the rich players)

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='nadrolski' timestamp='1327239519' post='101824']
i do not use any morphed creatures in fights

Here he is saying he doesnt used morphed creatures in fights, implying he does indeed have a morphed creature.

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