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how come Brulant was admitted into Sotis and you not?

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First of all, admittance into SotIS is not some greater purpose or ultimate acomplishment in MD, please stop thinking that. Nothing happens in SotIS, really, and eventually I might leave it when I will consider i built it up as i wanted it to be. It is just the personal ally of the crazy me. It has a meaning, of course, but a personal one. I just play my 'role', one I am bound to, but SotIS is just a symbol, no authority or extra benefits come with it.

I consider SotIS ..CLOSED. more like a unbreakable safe.... in a way. But i have a weakness, like every system does. I keep always a secret path to the safest places. The most guarded secrets have a way to them...you know why? Because if you would somehow manage to "close" a secret fully it will simply vanish and re emerge with an other 'owner' and an other form. It is the secrecy and safety of the way in that gards them, but without a way in, they die.

Admittance into sotis has many forms. One was the symbol quest, seems however guba vanished afterwards because his last challenge was one consisting of something i consider he was missing. Anyway, each time i keep a door open, but it will never be the front door. I made the symbol quest, that was one door, once it ended (and the waiting time was part of the quest), that door is closed. It follows a time of 'tranquility' but shorter than a month i am preparing an other door, till someone gets closer to it.

Brulant just happend to find such a door, realise that it is his ticket in to the sotis, and asked to be admited based on that reasoning. It took him a single pm to get into sotis and quite fast. Ofcourse to reach that point it took him his entire lifetime here in md and maybe more :)

In more details:
After closing the symbol quest, that door into sotis got permanently shut (or at least for a while), and i designed the second. I left clues, leading intuitively to the other door. All i was expecting was a certain explenation about 'why the sun'. In addition it was needed that that someone would specifically ask for admitance into sotis based on that alone. Brulant sees it maybe as a coincidence, i dont know, but i know there are no such things as coincidences, there are only event collisions.

I bet he doesnt realise himself why he wanted or why he is in. As shadowseeker just told me, his role might be clear for me but unclear for him, yet he asked for it. Now thats a research puzzle :))

Nothing new! what Brulant did is nothing new as I saw others get so close to this secret door into sotis yet never try to actually open it. Doubts , lack of initiative, you name it, they passed by saying oh how beautiful this thing looks, it might be a door, but never walked in. I can recall people like Menhir or others that sparked my knowledge with very very interesting posts, i thank them, yet none realised they were admiring a door that only needed pushed to be opened, it was already unlocked at some point, indirectly, through the clues i left behind.

Other people like awiiya discussed with me the very essence of the question, but this is about admitance into sotis not about how intuitively smart you can be. Admitance into sotis is not a mark of your knowledge, i have people right now in md that i would be honored to have in sotis, yet i dont, so i will never 'drag' them in just because i can do that with a word or two.

The perfect candidate had to know what he wanted, to know the key, to know when to use it, and most important to know how. Even the start of the pm reminding me who he is, brulant, without assuming he is already a legend,lol, mattered. I told Awi a while back that symbolically speaking it is a great danger to allow anyone into SotIS, ever. Yet i follow my own principles and fall into my own traps if it happens. My logic is flawless and denying it when i dont like it it would mean to lie to myself. There was a door only i knew, it was used, Brulant is in.

That is what gives my quest power and reality, not my name.

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