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ok .people.. we all here love this game and want to improve it so i would like to know your opinion.

Im at MP 4 now for quite some time... and whithin this month i finally start to understand some concepts of the things and i just cant quip quiet about this.

When i start for the first time i choose my first 3 principles wich clearly some of them were dark side orientated and i start to play the story.... it was interesting and i decide ( BY PURE LUCK ) to follow the LIGHT PATH or as a good guy ... since i dindt know nothing i start to gain some kind of bonusess and skill points and all good... but then i restarted to MP 4 and decide to play the story as a BAD person .. and instead of gaining those DARK SIDE ORIENTATED DARK CLASS principle and skill points i got negative points and very few bonusess and clearly i think that is wrong.. i mean whats the point of the story anyway... alaways the good good good and more good.. so im asking my self if that can be changed???

what do you think people????

thanx for reading and sorry for my bad english

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I believe at this moment it might be a bit unbalanced for that because PRINCIPLES are not yet functional and pose no effects nor bonuses on us. Later on, i think DARK principles might be of greater power or wider applications on spells and magic so as to compensate for the little bounses awarded during story mode...therefore i did not vote at this moment to preserve there may be a critical change that may lead to a balanced outcome later.

I started my story at the dark principles and actually it would be a bit unadvantageous for me to explore and fight against others around at the beginnings. But i am expecting better developments and stronger magical abilities later on when i fully grow.

Since it would be an unique adventure for all of us, I think the different outcomes from different princples are necessary. And the main point that affects whether the whole story is balanced or unbalanced would be the later princples effects on players.

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in my opinion the story shold be change so you can be good/bad or even betwen this 2

but i don't think this shoold be a priority, i mean it could be done in spare time or ask the player to delivre ideea of the story that could be implemented at some point, after all this is only alfa.

no nead to hurry this, THE FUN BEGINS AFTER THE STORY ENDS

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  • Root Admin

so, .. the story is unbalanced , regarding some points, but the overall game experience is balanced. This might confuse you even further :)

The only things you can do wrong in the story is to DIE, or to chose same path as last time. The story presents a world from different perspectives, so following the same path on each mp level is something you dont want to do. Considering this, regardless if the outcomes are unbalanced, a player experience over multiple mindpower stages should be balanced.

Some outcomes are defenetly better then others , but keeping on that path wont benefit you on the long run.

Diversity is the key.

Chapter 3 will splitt things even worse, all the ends in chapter 3 are unbalanced, and becasue they re "all unbalanced" there is a overall balance to them ... sory but i cant explain better what i see from up here :huh:

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The story will follow the line of a film. At the begining of the film some thing big happens, then the hero goes out to explore. What movies do you no were the hero dances around happily while nothing bad or evil happens auntil the end of the movie. About the unbalanced balanced end of chapter 3 if every thing is unfairly played it means that everyone is at thta low or high point making it balanced. THere will be deferences but the general out come will effect everyone in basically thre same way

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The first time I did a reset, I actually died during Story mode.. the part with the girl.

It wasn't a big deal.. since I just reset again and did it all over, but imagine if you die, the first time you play that story mode. You would really miss a lót of bonusses, without even knowing about the.

I agree with the 'áll the unbalanced endings make it balanced', or something like that.

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My second character did lose stats in the story...an mp4 with a grand total of 3 power...difficult hole to dig out of.

I think perhaps the point in some of these imbalances is to encourage you to find another way, the next way. We all know that some things can be achieved by making the "right choices", but the detriments make you try another path as well.

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One of my meditation choices for Calyx wound up giving me negative initiative. I'm finally out of that hole. What bothers me is the warning that some story choices can cause death. Total complete death as in all the time you've invested in a character is flushed down the toilet dead?

I totally get Manu's post about the game being balanced because all chapter three exist are unbalanced.

Manu has created the rare game that forces one to always think and adapt. there are no do overs, you can only adapt to your current situation or give up and start over. Most amazing is that total recovery is possible in almost every circumstance.

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Hmm.. death. I've experienced one death in the story. That route was just like any other, no difference, except it ended really early. It was tougher that way, because I missed out on some stat gain, but it was okay. I don't know if there are other routes in which death occurs, but even so I doubt it'd be different.

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