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Can someone remind me again, why we don't have a forum tutorial for new players?

It seems to me that while exploration is.. great, it is also simply awesome to have it in easy access somewhere, as it is getting more and more... and more...
It would also help out the LHO process in the sense that LHO's could tell people to check the forum for spoiler-free info, in case they have questions and no LHO is online.

Also, this way, you can moderate what is and is not considered a spoiler.

Downside is what again?

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More transparency about what spoilers are and what is not. Perhaps more info about spells and illusions (spoiler free).
What the crap CTC/ATC/ITC's are, what items can do
What are scenes or in scenes (tags, co_ords, clickables, custom clickables, basically, all the stuff in the announcements that Mur put in over the past months)
But really, transparency about what constitutes a spoiler (with examples such as; the solution to the bersker's way puzzle is a spoiler, but saying... is not)
And transparency about what constitutes an abuse and what doesn't and the conditions surrounding it (glitches, report them or not, with examples, etc)

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Yes, but you are a veteran that, like most of others, mostly spend time on forums, searching for news, rather than in game itself.

Tutorial is needed for those that are new to MD, who spend most of their time in game, rather then on forum.

Tutorial Campaign Quest that I made is also announced along with other quests in "quests" tab up in the list of links in MD, and it has its own forum topic somewhere deep in the forums named "Tutorial Campaign Quest" :D
So the only way if someone can't find it, is because they haven't really tried properly.

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MD community is generally against spoilers.
Lessons through tasks are much more appreciated (MD rules vise...), otherwise, you would have those tutorials on the forum already.

Remember that MD is several years old, with a lot of fossils and veterans, such themes would pop up in the forum already, but they didn't due to mentioned reason. But, times change, generations replaced older ones, maybe this time it'll pass fluent.

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