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The Fate of CoE


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When I took the Children, I was not sure how I would go about giving it back, if indeed I would. Now I have decided:

ChildoftheSoul joined CoE because he was told to, but he was not told why. When I asked him to send the invitation so that I could take the alliance, he was unprepared for the social pressure of having most of Loreroot hate him. After a few days, they convinced him to invite Neno Veliki, so that he could take the alliance back for them. I noticed this, kicked CotS, and cancelled the invitation. Since then, I have seen PL entries such as this one written about him:
[i]"Treacherous - not to be trusted."[/i]

This has proven to me just how vindictive and judgemental the previous leaders and members of the Children of the Eclipse are, for I find it highly unlikely that they would have reacted the same way had I not noticed the invitation and dealt with it, and CotS did not have much choice in the matter of my kicking him.

So, to the point: Because of the response to CotS after he tried to help you get the CoE back, I will be keeping it for as long as I possibly can, but I will not outright kill it. This is not up for discussion.

[color=#3399ff]Moderator comment: I have just deleted Axel's comment since it was inappropriate, and closed this on request. If you wish to keep discussing this issue, make a new topic please.[/color]

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The fate of CoE? The fate of the CoE rests in the hearts, minds, dreams, and imagination of those who it touches. So long as it remains there, nothing can stop us. Nothing. (And I know this sounds stuck-up, but it can apply to any alliance for it is true of any strong group identity).

You can justify and rationalize to everyone your alt's actions Pipstickz, but they, in my opinion, speak well enough on their own.

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Update: Phantom Orchid said to me, quite a while ago now, "We are getting our badges from Mur[...]this is your chance for redemption". I interpreted this to mean that she had spoken with Mur and he'd agreed to give the alliance back. I took the time to actually speak with Mur about this, and he claimed to have no intention of giving back the CoE. This further solidified my confidence in my decision, and that is what matters to me. Think of the rest what you will.

[color=#0000ff]Mod comment: What Shadow said. Closed on request.[/color]

[color=#a52a2a]Mod comment: Because the thread has been closed upon request, I will respectfully not reopen it. A discussion regarding Pip's two posts has been started here:[/color]

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