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Cluedo Quest


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At the Clash of Ages, I've seen faint echoes of a battle between unfamiliar 'spirits' lately.
Seems there's a sort of Competition or something going on, and I'd like to know who won!

If you are familiar with the game Clue/Cluedo, you'll need to find a name, a scene, and a creature used by these strange spirits, and determine "who did it" via process of elimination.

If you'd like to join the fun, go to [b]Clash of Ages[/b] and tell the book there you want toplay "[b]Cluedo for Maebius[/b]".
This will give you your first set of 'clues' in the form of a name, place, and crit.
[i](names of the cluedo spirits are fictional and any semblance to actual MD players is purely coincidental!)[/i]

Each day, you should be able to get a new random clue automatically, and tick them off your lists of possible "suspects". You could also of course ask others who are playing, for their clues, but please do not abuse alts to gather many clues at once.
After marking your clues, you have the ability to guess the "final answer".

[b]Note, that if you guess incorrectly, you are out of the competition.[/b]
(so choose carefully only when you are fairly sure of the final answer)

If you are the first to guess correctly, You'll win prizes and my thanks!

[i]I added additional prizes including a surprise "creature pack" of three crits, due to issues with Round one needing to be reset mid-game.[/i]

If this is solved relatively quickly, I will keep resetting the game to let folks keep playing quickly, until the MD birthday party winds down, but even after the MD Birthday, party, I plan to repeat this quest each month, for minor rewards, restarting every New Moon. So if you miss out this round, there will be plenty more opportunities to try again later!

If you notice anything odd, or have questions, please don't hesitate to track me down.

Edited by Maebius
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To help get the ball rolling, here are my clues, for public consumption. :)
(edit, free clues after the reset)

* Cabugos
* Hamponth
√ [b][s]Kewe[/s][/b]
* Lyndihot
√ [b][s]Maebius[/s][/b]
* Orlaegh
√ [b][s]Suliana[/s][/b]
* Torineth
* Vulnurd
* Wharlior
√ [b][s]Xilandra[/s][/b]

√ [b][s]Ash_Arch[/s][/b]
* Clash_of_Ages
√ [b][s]Defensive_Tower_Interior[/s][/b]
* Drachorn_Lair
√ [b][s]Drywater_Temple[/s][/b]
* Forest_Mansion
√ [b][s]Fortunes_Well[/s][/b]
* Gazebo_of_Equalibrium
√ [b][s]MDA_Cellar[/s][/b]
* Maple_Road
√ [b][s]Marinds_Roundabout[/s][/b]
* Paper_Cabin
√ [b][s]Sages_Keep[/s][/b]

* Angien_Egg
√ [b][s]Animated_Tree[/s][/b]
* Barren_Soul
* Elemental
* Heretic_Archer
* Nutcracker
* Reindrach
√ [b][s]Santa[/s][/b]
√ [b][s]Snowman[/s][/b]
* Unholy_Priest
√ [b][s]Water_Being[/s][/b]
* Winderwild
√ [b][s]Young_Knator[/s][/b]


Edited by Maebius
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A reminder, as stated above.
The system will automatically give you a random clue each day. So checking back "tomorrow" might show you as knowing additional random clues.
If they are ones that you have ticked off from others sharing theirs, there is a chance it would pick that clue, and appear to not be a new clue. That's intentional. Sharing is encouraged, with the caveat there can only be ONE winner before the quest closes itself. :ph34r:

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After you "save clues" you got from friends or other ways, you should see a series of "Drop down lists" which allow you to select a person/place/thing and Guess the answer.

Remember, incorrect guesses mean you are out, and will not Win. Choose wisely.


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Generally, one each day....... but the first day I half-cheated and reset the timer to give folks a boost.
Since the quest itself will reset and be repeating every so often, I figured this initial Birthday round wouldn't mind an extra clue or so. :ph34r:;)

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Mods, I realized I posted this in the facebook quest, oops. I saw "quests" as the sub heading. Could it be moved to the usual Quest spot?

Also, updated a few more "freebie" clues above, from my random list the system gave me. Hope they help some folks.

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When will the clues be saveable again? I've only saved on the first day, but even up till now I still can't update the clues (I think it's 4th day already @_@). Is there something I must/musn't do in order to be able to save the clues again?

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Eek, I've had some folks able to save them each "morning", and a fair few not able to. Have not seen a pattern yet, for some reason, either.
Very much sorry about this!

I reflagged everyone to be able to save again (those not bugged out may get two saves today?). Looking into why that is, but it never came up in testing, so I'm almost stumped.

Please keep me posted if you are not being able to save more clues each day.
In the meantime, there's always paper and pencil to use as a workaround. The code does not actually care if you tick the actual "right answer". The only thing it's worried about is your final "guess" which can be guessed any time.

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Even though I tested this for a good month or so, something odd happened today. There was no winner, but the @stored clues got wiped out and "I won" when I went to check how things were coming along. (since null = null, my "non-guess" matched the answer and yay me?! :blink: )

I'm trying to restore the values I saved yesterday, but also want to find out WHY it got cleared so it does not happen again.
Cross your fingers....

and I'm REALLY sorry about this. Anyone who traded clues with folks for resources or coin or such, please let me know and I'll see about refunding it, in case the backup is corrupted and the clues change. (which I'm trying to avoid now)

[b]UPDATE[/b] - the saved clues for participants backed up fine. The "answer" did [u]not[/u] and keeps getting overwritten as if a new round started...... GRRR. I may have to 'restart' the round with fresh clues for everyone.. I really want to avoid that though, so am still fiddling.

Edited by Maebius
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Cluedo is being broken and apparently 'won' by myself and other names while they are not actually in the scene. I've discovered the issue and taken steps to prevent remote guessing in the future.

Unfortunately, this means[b] all names will be reset [/b]as if they first started. If anyone has traded Clues with another player for "reward" such as coin or resources, please contact me. I will arrange to cover any losses, or provide additional clues, if you can confirm the deal to me.

I am very, very, VERY sincerely sorry for the reset. I will add additional prizes to the winner to make up for the extra work involved.

Forgive me.


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Yes, unfortunately, it kept resetting the answer, when things went wonky, so I totally reset things, and it's potentially Different now from your prior clues.

To answer Udgard, I'll be posting additional clues tomorrow, to catch folks up. Unfortuantely, because the stored variables kept getting corrupted, I can't figure out exactly how many people had at a specific moment in time,. The backup was reverting to single clues when I tried restoring it. Sorry!!

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Ah, actually I meant giving you a list of what clues we had from the previous round (since a lot of us didn't save the clues on the clickies anyways), assuming you know what the answer from the previous round was so you could check that our clues were correct ones (unless it's 100% automated @_@).

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freebie clues updated above.
Good luck folks!

(and to answer Udgard, yes the random choice of answer/Clue and all that is automated to keep it fair for me too. I can not see the correct answer myself "by default" , but can dig into the stored data to find it if I need to, fairly easily)

Edited by Maebius
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Quite a few people very close to the "answer" but no winners yet.
The clues will reset automatically in just about 6 days too, so there's still time to try this out.
Good luck to the participants.

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Thanks Seig, the way I have it setup there is only one winner( then the clickie shuts itself down), so I wasn't sure if that was $10 or two sets of $5 you offered?
[b] Ze Riel Diel won on 04.28.12 @ 06:30:19 PM
Ze Riel Diel knows it was [Orlaegh] at the [Trial_of_Agony] with a [Reindrach].[/b]

Congrats! I'll be contacting you with a few creature codes soon!

The clickie will then be reset on it's own at the Full Moon, with minor prizes provided to each winner thereafter via the clickie interface.
(timing shown left may be slightly off due to having messed up the first round a few days in)
(Comments, complaints, regarding the overall quest are also welcome.)

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