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Day 125, Year 7

Rumi constructed an A-frame level from items in his inventory.

3 branches
11 unidentified plants
1 Locate Stone

Rumi's hori-hori (digging and gardening knife) and 2 raw glass were used to determine and mark dead level on the A-frame cross branch. The 2 raw glass were returned to Rumi's inventory.


A Locate stone was chosen for the plumb-bob since the primary purpose of the tool is to [b]locate[/b] and map a contour from any given starting point.

Fyrd Argentus joined Rumi during the process of constructing the A-Frame.

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Rumi and Phantom Orchid (with a little help from Etluc and Eon) prepared some pumpkin patch beds and planted pumpkin seeds.

(Log edited to remove OOC content and spoilers)

[log=Day 185, Year 7]

[04/07/12 18:54] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid smiles warmly at Rumi as she walks down the path[/i]
[04/07/12 18:55] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns a smile[/i]
[04/07/12 18:55] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]It is so good to see you
[04/07/12 18:56] [b]Rumi:[/b]you too
[04/07/12 19:00] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:01] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi walks over to Phantom Orchid[/i]
[04/07/12 19:02] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi reaches forward and opens his clasped fingers to reveal a handful of pumpkin seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:02] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid opens her eyes wide and smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:02] [b]Rumi:[/b]These are for you
[04/07/12 19:03] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid holds out her hands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:04] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi gently drops the seeds into Phantom Orchid's hands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:04] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid looks down and cherishes the texture of the seeds as she rolls them over in her hands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:05] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]They are... beautiful.
[04/07/12 19:06] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid closes her eyes briefly as images of a lush garden flash through her mind[/i]
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]Rumi:[/b]I will find some companion seeds for these pumpkins
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]This is such a happy moment for me, for us
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid feels her pendant glow warm against her chest as she holds the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:08] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]I have a good feeling about this
[04/07/12 19:08] [b]Rumi:[/b]walk with me down the hill here, behind the tree *[i]gestures with his hand to the northeast[/i]*
[04/07/12 19:09] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid turns and follows Rumi, walking beside him[/i]
[04/07/12 19:09] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi leads the way around the tree and down toward the small valley[/i]
[04/07/12 19:10] [b]Rumi:[/b]our design calls for this whole field to grow into a pumpkin patch
[04/07/12 19:11] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid notices a slight drop in temperature in the breeze as they reach their destination[/i]
[04/07/12 19:11] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi notices the songbirds begin to alarm in the forest[/i]
[04/07/12 19:12] [b]Rumi:[/b]they alarm at Eon's presence
[04/07/12 19:12] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Yes, I recall
[04/07/12 19:12] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]looks over at Eon briefly[/i]* Greetings and welcome
[04/07/12 19:13] [b]Rumi:[/b]Today we'll plant the first seeds, and our harvest will provide all the seeds we need for next year
[04/07/12 19:14] [b]Rumi:[/b]A small patch this season will make way for a whole future of growth
[04/07/12 19:14] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid nods[/i]
[04/07/12 19:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi takes a few pieces of raw glass and begins to set them on a rough contour just above the valley bottom[/i]
[04/07/12 19:16] [b]Rumi:[/b]When we construct the main garden, we'll use a tool to define accurate contours
[04/07/12 19:17] [b]Rumi:[/b]I can see the contours well enough to give us lines to start this small pumpkin patch
[04/07/12 19:17] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sets another contour using the raw glass just above the first contour[/i]
[04/07/12 19:18] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi steps back and examines the lines[/i]
[04/07/12 19:19] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid kneels down at the site for the pumpkin patch[/i]
[04/07/12 19:19] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sets a third line of raw glass just below the first contour, following the same curve[/i]
[04/07/12 19:19] [b]Rumi:[/b]that will do for now
[04/07/12 19:20] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid takes the pendant from around her neck and holds it out above the ground[/i]
[04/07/12 19:20] [b]Rumi:[/b]we'll shape a few rows across this bottom to this same curve as the bottom contour
[04/07/12 19:21] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi withdraws his hori-hori from its sheath on his belt[/i]
[04/07/12 19:21] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid hums an ancient tune to the grass and to the flowers[/i]
[04/07/12 19:21] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi holds it up and examines the blade in the sunlight[/i]
[04/07/12 19:22] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid closes her eyes and focuses on her pendant, which begins to glow red and push aside the grass and flowers to make room for the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:22] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi reflects the sunlight up the hill at Eon and giggles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:23] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid replaces her pendant, looks over at Rumi and softly laughs[/i]
[04/07/12 19:24] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi thrusts the hori-hori into the ground and draws it across the soil, following the curve laid by the pieces of raw glass[/i]
[04/07/12 19:24] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi picks up each piece of raw glass as he comes to it[/i]
[04/07/12 19:25] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi steps back and looks at the curve cut into the earth[/i]
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]Rumi:[/b] *[i]smiles[/i]* that looks pretty good
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid uncorks her flask of sand, and pours a thin line of sand into the small valley shaped by the hori hori[/i]
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]This sand is from Necrovion
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]Rumi:[/b]ah, excellent
[04/07/12 19:27] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid caps the flask and tucks it away[/i]
[04/07/12 19:28] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi kneels back down and thrusts the hori-hori into the ground just below the cut curve[/i]
[04/07/12 19:28] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi digs around, expanding the hole and loosening the soil[/i]
[04/07/12 19:29] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi withdraws the hori-hori from the hole, and walks along the curve a short distance[/i]
[04/07/12 19:29] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi thrusts the hori-hori into the ground again, teasing and loosening the soil[/i]
[04/07/12 19:30] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid moves over to the first hold and holds out and opens her hand, revealing the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:30] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi withdraws the hori-hori from the soil and continues walking along the curve, making evenly spaced planting holes[/i]
[04/07/12 19:31] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid chooses one and places it gingerly into the hole, a single teardrop falling onto the soil next to it[/i]
[04/07/12 19:31] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid sets the seeds down, and covers the hole with dirt and softly packs it down with her fingertips[/i]
[04/07/12 19:32] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi comes to the end of the row and moves up to the next row of raw glass pieces[/i]
[04/07/12 19:33] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi cuts the curve with his hori-hori, while picking up the pieces of raw glass[/i]
[04/07/12 19:34] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid places one, and then another, seed into the holes and carefully covers them with soil[/i]
[04/07/12 19:34] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and steps back to look at it[/i]
[04/07/12 19:35] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid stands and then follows Rumi, placing a thin line of sand along the contour of the small trench[/i]
[04/07/12 19:36] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi examines the first row that Phantom Orchid has completed planting[/i]
[04/07/12 19:36] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:37] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns to the second row and begins cutting the holes with his hori-hori[/i]
[04/07/12 19:39] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and steps back to allow Phantom Orchid space to plant the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:39] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid walks along and bends down to place the remaining two seeds into the holes[/i]
[04/07/12 19:39] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid kneels to cover them with a soft packing of dirt[/i]
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]We should give them a drink
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]yes we should
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]but first, we need to mulch
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]we could use leaves or we could cut some grass
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]or both
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]nods[/i]* Yes, of course. To keep it from evaporating under this unforgiving sunlight
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]Rumi:[/b]i wish Shem was here... his sickle would make quick mulch out of this tall grass
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]I will gather leaves from the forest edge, and you can cut some grass
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid nods[/i]
[04/07/12 19:43] [b]Rumi:[/b]i guess i'll just use the hori-hori
[04/07/12 19:43] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi walks around the meadow near the pumpkin patch stopping to cut clumps of tall grass with the hori-hori[/i]
[04/07/12 19:44] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i] walks over to the edge of the wood and clumsily gathers an armful of leaves, muttering[/i]* And a basket would have been nice for me
[04/07/12 19:44] [b]Rumi:[/b]Eon, would you let Phantom Orchid borrow your herbs basket?
[04/07/12 19:45] [b]Rumi:[/b]I see you have two baskets... maybe you could help us collect some leaf mulch
[04/07/12 19:46] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Come Eon, get dirty with us!
[04/07/12 19:46] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid shrugs and delivers the leaves near the first row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:47] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid walks back and begins to gather more[/i]
[04/07/12 19:47] [b]Rumi:[/b]should we do leaves in one row and straw in the other, or mix em up?
[04/07/12 19:48] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc whispers a code to Poe[/i]
[04/07/12 19:48] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]walks back with an armful[/i]* I don't know, I've never done this before
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]Rumi:[/b]lets use leaves in the top row and straw in the bottom row... we'll see if there is a difference in the mulch ecology
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]turns and smiles to Etluc[/i]* Oh, thank you. Though I think we have enough leaves now
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Would you like to place them along the top row Etluc?
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sets an armful of straw beside the bottom row and walks off to collect a bit more grass[/i]
[04/07/12 19:50] [b]Etluc:[/b] *[i]nods[/i]* Sure
[04/07/12 19:51] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Great
[04/07/12 19:51] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc begins to move the pile of leaves to the top row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:51] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi cuts several clumps of tall grass from around the meadow and returns to set them down by the bottom row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:54] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi picks up handfuls of straw and walks along the bottom row, allowing the straw to slow fall down and coat the bare earth[/i]
[04/07/12 19:54] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns to the pile of straw and grabs some more handfuls to distribute[/i]
[04/07/12 19:55] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc finishes moving the leaves and steps back[/i]
[04/07/12 19:56] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi continues mulching the bottom row with straw until the pile has been entirely moved to the row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:56] [b]Rumi:[/b] *[i]laughs[/i]* we're gonna probably move all this mulch to the side tomorrow when we plant the corn and beans with the pumpkins
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]Rumi:[/b]labor of love
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid chuckles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc chuckles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]Rumi:[/b]better to do the same task twice than to plant seeds and leave the earth bare
[04/07/12 19:58] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi steps back with Phantom Orchid and Etluc to examine the new pumpkin patch[/i]
[04/07/12 19:58] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Yes, they require the sunlight, but also some protection from it
[04/07/12 19:59] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Not unlike us all
[04/07/12 19:59] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:59] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid looks out over the pumpkin patch and smiles contently[/i]
[04/07/12 20:00] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi used the Weather Heavyrain stone to increase its Weather-heavyrain spell casts[/i]
[04/07/12 20:01] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc looks up at the sky[/i]
[04/07/12 20:02] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi kneels down on his knees, raises his arms, and looks up at the sky[/i]
[04/07/12 20:03] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]
[04/07/12 20:03] [b]:[/b][b][Spell][/b] [i]Let the heavens and the earth come together and bless these pumpkins with rain![/i]
[04/07/12 20:03] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes to see clouds begin to gather above him[/i]
[04/07/12 20:04] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid looks up and smiles as the rain begins to kiss her face[/i]
[04/07/12 20:05] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi tastes the raindrops as the rain begins to stream down from the heavens onto his face[/i]
[04/07/12 20:05] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid runs up the hill ecstatically and twirls around in circles, drenched in a heavy rain[/i]
[04/07/12 20:06] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc smiles at Poe, blinking the rain out of his eyes[/i]
[04/07/12 20:07] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi watches Phantom Orchid and smiles at her shimmering radiance in the rain[/i]
[04/07/12 20:08] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi takes off his shirt and dances around the pumpkin patch[/i]
[04/07/12 20:08] [b]Etluc:[/b]My fire!
[04/07/12 20:08] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc runs off[/i]
[04/07/12 20:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns to his place on the hillside[/i]
[04/07/12 20:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sits[/i]
[04/07/12 20:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi listens to the rain all around him[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]

Edited by Rumi
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Rumi interplanted the pumpkin patch with corn and beans amongst the sprouted pumpkin seedlings.

[log=Day 200, Year 7]

[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Eagle Eye bows to Rumi[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]*[i]smiles[/i]* Greetings
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a pair of sparrows singing companion calls near the forest edge[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the rows of pumpkin sprouts[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees the pumpkins in the leaf mulch have sprouted slower than the pumpkins in the straw mulch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the end of the row and stoops down to begin pulling off the mulch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks along the row, pulling off mulch and setting it to the side[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]nadrolski high fives Rumi[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and continues onto the next row, pulling off all the mulch until the pumpkin patch is bare and all the seedlings are visible[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Don't you worry little seedlings, your warm mulch will be back before you know it
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out two big bags of seeds and sets them down at the edge of the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out his hori-hori and stoops down near the end of the first row[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi drives the hori-hori into the ground and twists to make a small hole[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi withdraws the hori-hori from the hole and makes another hole close by[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi makes a series of holes between the first two pumpkin seedlings, using the full width of the bed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands and moves down past the next pumpkin seedling[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the first row and stands back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the beginning of the next row and begins digging small holes with the hori-hori[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues his way along the row, digging the small seed holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly works his way through the rest of the pumpkin patch, digging lots of holes and not disturbing the pumpkin seedlings[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes digging and stands back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi wipes a bit of sweat from his brow[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks over to the edge of the pumpkin patch where he laid the bags of seed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stoops down and loosens the drawstring on the two bags to open them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks down into the bags at the bright yellow corn seeds and the deep burgundy pole beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sticks one hand into each seed bag to grab a handful of seeds[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi allows the seeds to slip through his fingers, falling away back into the bags[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi savors the texture of the seeds[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up a handful of the yellow corn seed and puts it into a pocket[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up another handful of yellow corn seed and puts it into the same pocket[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up a handful of burgundy pole beans and puts them into another pocket[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the drawstring tight on the bags to close them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the edge of the first row and stoops by the seed holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places yellow corn seeds from his pocket in three of the holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places a pole bean seed in the fourth hole[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places another three corn seeds in holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places another pole bean seed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues to set seeds in the holes, one pole bean for every three corn kernels[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks along the row, thickly filling out the area between the pumpkin sprouts with corn and beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and begins on the next row[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi works his way through the entire pumpkin patch, placing corn and beans in all the little seed holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes placing corn and bean seeds and steps back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks back to the seed bags and opens the drawstrings[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts all the remaining corn seed in his pocket back into the bag with corn seed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts the remaining pole bean seeds in his pocket back with the other pole beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the drawstrings taught to close the bags and ties them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the beginning of the first row and kneels down on his knees[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the earth over the first corn seed and holds his hands over the buried seed for a moment to offer a silent prayer[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi moves on to the second seed, covering it with earth and offering a quick silent prayer[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi works his way along the row, covering all of the seeds and taking a moment with each one to silently express thanksgiving and offer a prayer for abundance[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and continues through the rest of the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi covers the last of the corn and bean seeds and stands back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices a few seeds he missed, and goes to cover and pray for them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi steps back again to observe the work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi begins to collect up the piles of mulch and places the mulch back on the beds, carefully directing it around the pumpkin seedlings[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lays the leaf mulch throughout the pumpkin patch as a bottom layer, and places the straw mulch as a top layer[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the mulching and steps back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up the bags of seed and put them away[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi wipes all the dirt from the hori-hori, places it back in its sheath, and puts it away[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi observes the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Time for a little rainwater, I think
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out the two remaining Mildrain stones from Marvolo[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the shimmering stones[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi holds one of the stones up in his hands and looks it over carefully[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts the stone back away and considers how to learn the rain song without Marvolo's help[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lifts up the other Mildrain stone in his hands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi used the Weather Mildrain stone to increase its Weather-mildrain spell casts[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi kneels on both knees and prostrates himself on the earth[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes and straightens his body up and raises his hands toward the sky[/i]
[b]: [/b][b][Spell][/b] [i]A gift of rainwater for the garden of abundance[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes to see the clouds gathering overhead[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles as the warm rainwater begins to stream down onto his face[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes off his shirt and boots[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi begins to dance in circles around the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi dances his way up the hill, picking up his shirt and boots in the process[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets his shirt and boots down by his sitting spot and continues to dance around in the rain[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slows his dance as the rain lets up[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts his wet shirt and boots back on[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the road[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi heads east toward Fortune's Well[/i]

Edited by Rumi
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