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Demon's Head


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A book has been brought to my attention by the Dark Wanderer, a close friend of mine. He seems to have lost it.

It is called the Book of Adventures.

It speaks of secret Orders, Adventures, and abandoned temples, and red rivers... and other mysterious events.

I ask that you find this book on behalf of my dear friend.

A reward will be in store for every soul that is collected...


The Quest will become available to all in just a few hours time at 20:00 on this day, 163.

Adventurers, start your... walking sticks? O.o

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Updated topic;

To begin the quest, one must find the Book of Adventures. :)

Note: There is a slight issue with the quest; The location planned for the Final Battle didn't have any clickables that were editable... Lots of clickies, but no editable ones.

Anyways, when you get to that stage, pm me, and I will tell you where to go.

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Congradulations to Nimrodel.

She successfully completed the Demon's Head Quest.

As the first to complete the quest, she has won a custom item:

Demonic Head - The head of an innocent creature that was cursed by an unknown Wizard lurking in the domain of the Demon

The quest shall remain active, so that others may enjoy the storyline as well :)

I shall also have minor prizes for those who complete it.

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IT was an enjoyable quest... Made me pull my hair apart... :3 Thank you sieg :3


The story line was interesting.
Made me collaborate with a lot of people. helped me remember how important friends are in MD.
The reward was interesting.. Not something I had expected.. But Good enough. Getting it by the end of the quest makes sense. :)

Clearly tribunal people would have an advantage in the quest. So it was kinda unfair in that way.
There were a lot of coding issues in the quest. Not that Seig is to blame for that. from what I understood, there was some confusion in the MD script regarding the nature of items.
THe choice of reward should've been given to the person who came first.

Thats all.. I think I'd give the quest a 7/10 :)

looking forward to more of your quests seig :)

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