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Flowers for the Dead


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I've worked with Gort Hedera today, who wanted to gather a pile of
Flowers to decorate the Gazebo of Equalibrium. She's places a small bit of magic to the HiddenOrb clickie there, which appears as a little vine, to the left of the central stairs. (where the Heat-vote clickie is for me)

Her collection will accept the ITC of Flowers you have in your pocket,
and count how many individual "bouquets" are submitted to the form,
displaying it in her clickie. If you gather more flowers, you can
add them to the decorations.

Lets make the gazebo as beautiful as the memories we hold around it!

Since these are virtual clickie-flowers, you will still technically
"hold" them in your inventory, but you can pretend they have been
added to the Gazebo. It's the thought that counts, after all, right?

Lets see what happens....

[size=3][color=#a9a9a9][u]Technical specs:[/u]
This is somewhat experimental, and more social-thing than an actual Quest.

Tracks the ID of the flower resource, so trading back and forth to get a new ITC will not work to artificially boost the count. [/color][/size]

[color=#a9a9a9][size=3]It also seems that increasing the "Flowers" you carry by getting more quantity may not change the ID, just make the ones you carry more Real. (read: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10370-how-can-resources-be-fixed-unsplittable-groups/#entry90038).[/size][/color]

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This is definitely a new idea and experimental..nice idea.

May I still ask if you want the FULL ITC thing or just MDC to ITC?

Also, how does it count if you have something of one ID, but then submit another ID, will both be added together? If yes, you might want to limit it to one ID per owner, making always the highest count be valid, until someone else claims the particular item ID, removing the entry of the other person.

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You enter the ITC########MDI fragment, not the entire trade-code.

As for item IDs, if they change, you would get credit for "two" flowers, and yet simply increasing the quantity of your "Flowers" resource (such as people giving you more Flowers) and having a new ITC to use will not necessarily change the "item id" of the resource you carry.
So, it's an interesting limitation, not based on character, nor items, directly.
I'm curious how high folks can get the count up to, though.

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As far as I am aware the bulk adopts the lowest/highest ID of the group. On that premise;

If I had 10 flowers, submit it, and gain another flower with a lower/higher id, thus changing the id of the bulk, and submit again, would it show that I have submitted 21? When I've only done 11?

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It would show you have donated "two", in your case, Grido. One bundle of flowers, then if the ID changes, a second one would b counted.
More accurately, "Twice" might be a better phrasing. (I'll ask Gort to change the wording slightly. It's her clickie :cool: )

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