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Summer Fest - Take your Time. Quest disclosure and results.


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The following parchment has been handed on day 198 to a representative of Team 1 (AmberRune) and Team 2 (Maebius):

[i]<<While you read this message, you are already cursed……
You start to feel dizzy, everything around you looks as if crystallizing and you're under the impression that Time ceased to exist……
You will be trapped in this timeless state for all eternity, and even more!!! This thought sickens you to your very depth.
The fun part??? There is nothing YOU can do about it……

Don't even consider drinking tea or getting high on "altered perceptions of time", you have team mates for a reason!

There are ways to counter the curse, ways others could help you with.
Gathering (all kind of) resources, things Time has left its stamp on… This will help you restoring your perception of Time.

Others can also try to break your timeless state by brute force.
Not every attack will do the trick though. They'll have to fight explicitly to break your timeless state. (the first fight against you must have as fight cause: "everything flows")

Other things may help as well, things we don't have time enough to explain… :ph34r:

But don't forget, in order to restore one principle you should not alter the others too much…..
Balance has strange ways to interact with curses as well...

You need to gather 15 "points" in order to restore your perception of time.

Each different resource you'll receive after reading this message will grant you 1 point.
Multiple amounts from the same resource won't score more; e.g. 1 lumber score 1 point just like 100 lumbers.
(oh, and sorry, we just took note of what you have in your inventory :P)

Each person who attacks you will make you score 1 point as well. Collect a screenshot (a single one, so pick your best one!) of your fightlog as a proof.
Only IN battles will score and only after the trigger panel displayed "everything flows" fight cause at least once.
As above, multiple attacks from the same opponent won't score more, you need to be attacked by the largest number of people possible.

The quest starts now and will last for 24 hours, or whenever you send me a message saying you are done or that you forfeit.

There is a catch. Timeless dust not only doesn't help your cause, but worsens its effect.
Each timeless dust unit you have in your inventory when reading this message counts as -1 point.
Getting rid of it now won't help you though, what's done it's done.....

Good luck, and... Take your Time! *evil laughs*>>[/i]

Quest provided by team 3.
Results will be published [i]soon[/i]... :))

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Ladies and Gentlemen, [color=#282828]
[color=#000000]first of all: [/color]there were 2 informations purposefully omitted in the cursed parchments.[/color]
One is good and it's that, after all, Time was on your side.[/color][color=#282828]
Since the beginning of the quest, each hour passed grants 1 point to the team. [/color]
But, for the sake of Balance, in the end we calculated how many points you scored for each part (gather resources, be attacked, let the time pass) and compared them. [/color][color=#282828]
Given a +/-5 point margin for each part, we took the best value (the Balance) and for each part exceeding its margins, we lowered the difference from the total score.[/color]
After all this mess (indeed the true summer joy for the numerologists here around)...[/color][color=#282828]
[b]you should have reached a minimum score of 15 points to be successful in the quest. :-)[/b][/color]
So, the results!!![/color]

[b]Team 1 represented by AmberRune:[/b]

- Gathered 11 different resources on AmberRune's inventory [b](+11 points)[/b]
- AmberRune got attacked 13 times in a single fightlog [b](+13 points)[/b]
- Took 8h to end the quest [b](+8 points)[/b]

- No timeless dust found. [b](0 points)[/b]
- Balanced efforts: amidst 11, 13 and 8, Balance is 11. Balance's margins are from 6 to 16: both 8 and 13 are inside. [b](0 points)[/b]

[b]TOTAL SCORE: 32 points!!! SUCCESS!!![/b]


[b]Team 2, represented by Maebius:[/b]

- Gathered 2 different resources on Maebius' inventory [b](+2 points)[/b]
- Maebius got attacked 12 times in a single fightlog [b](+12 points)[/b]
- Took 24h to end the quest [b](+24 points)[/b]

- 1 unit of timeless dust was found in Maebius' inventory [b](-1 point)[/b]
- Unbalance in the efforts: amidst 2, 12 and 24, Balance is 12. Balance's margins are from 7 to 17: both 2 and 24 are outside.
Hence: penalty of 10 points (12-2) for the resources gathered and another penalty of 12 points (24-12) for the time spent. [b](-22 points)[/b]

[b]TOTAL SCORE: 15 points!!! SUCCESS!!![/b]

We hope you enjoyed being cursed, we had a lot of fun! :))

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