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Right now I'm wondering what you had in mind with your question. ;)

I'm also thinking about how nice it is to have ideas from fresh minds. For example, Ackshan Bemunah's encouragement to rebuild lost friendships ([url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/calendar/event/38-rebuild-lost-friendships-no-sponsor/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/calendar/event/38-rebuild-lost-friendships-no-sponsor/[/url]). It's a simple thing, but still very nice. It's also nice to see the calendar being used, it happens so rarely that I almost missed this. And as for Ackshan, I'm enjoying talking to him in game. I also enjoy his thread necromancy, even though that's supposed to be a bad thing; I like it because it's tasteful, it adds something to the discussion, and it's always nice when these old threads bubble up again. Call it nostalgia, if ye desire, but my thought is that these are important as well as foundational parts of MD, even some of the ideas that have been swept aside and discarded, and it is always good to be reminded of them.

I'm also wondering what will be done in regards to the killing of Fang and Poe. No one has approached me about it directly, which is odd even though I didn't kill Fang myself, seeing as it was my dagger that was used.

Finally, I am planning a quest, and I'm thinking about how I can pull it off. By the way, anyone who would like to help me by drawing some merit badges, get in touch for more details.

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[size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Ah, stop it Ivorak, you're making me blush. :blush:

The event was the result of a rare burst of spontaneity, so you should all RSVP and then participate.

And the thread necromancy effort wasn't even my idea. You can thank Fire Starter, who I will directly quote from a PM:

"I am sure it has been talked before, but a revival of an old topic or old discussions is always good for the community."

Maybe I took this to have a larger meaning than intended, but I've been reading through all of Mur's old content, and there are a number of points that definitely need to be brought up again.

For instance, an offer of Mur's, taken from the thread "Shameful MD":

"Ps. if council is unresponsive or too slow, I will appoint judges. My view on the matter is clear as you figured out."

I didn't re-post in that thread because I figure a fresh discussion, beginning with Mur's endorsement instead of a prominent player's objections, will be more productive. I intended to find some prominent player willing to do this for me, but since it's out there now, there's no reason I should need to do that. But there are plenty of snippets just waiting to be revived. ;)

Now I'm wondering why Poe didn't tell me that she died.[/font][/size]

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