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The non-important ones

Valldore Nal

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During the mid summer festival, Amber had plenty of Time at her disposal and decided that some random non important questions would amuse her a bit :P

Well, i have no idea if they did, but they amused me. So i decided to post them. A bit late in regards to when i received them, but i guess those Time problems are adhesive ..........

Anyway here they are , enjoy !

If I borrow Soothing Sand's hourglass for you to check, would that do anything?

[spoiler]If you manage to persuade Soothing Sands to give you his hourglass, it won't do anything at all. When you will say that it does nothing, i will have to ask you to give it to me for some tests, or your curse will never go. You won't have any choice than to give it to me, and then i will just claim that i broke and Soothing Sands will never get it back :P [/spoiler]

Why is the sky blue?

[spoiler] How do you know it is blue, can you really see it ? [/spoiler]

Can I really fly if I jump and forget to fall?

[spoiler] You can think that you are flying, for sure. But i don't think gravity will forget to pull you down ....... [/spoiler]

If things are timeless does this mean my heat doesn't fade =P

[spoiler] It's a matter of perception really. You are timeless in regards to others, but your heat is personal so it fades from your point of view, but you have none from others. [/spoiler]

Is "now" soon?

[spoiler] Now is already too late .....[/spoiler]

Does time seem to move?

[spoiler] Not really ..... it flows :P [/spoiler]

Does it seem hot about?

[spoiler] With 42 celsius outside , what do you think ? [/spoiler]

Why do you think lashtal was carrying around his skeleton?

[spoiler] What makes you think that lashtal was carrying his bones ? :P [/spoiler]

Can purple and gold be ok together?

[spoiler] Ofc they can, they seem perfectly fine to me :P [/spoiler]

How long do you think it will before everyone is dead at some point?

[spoiler] I don't know if someone has a grudge with Everyone, so i am not sure when he will be :P [/spoiler]

Does it seem like there's more independent participation than team participation?

[spoiler] If you take each team differently then yes, it seems that independents are more. [/spoiler]

What is the answer to the ultimate question of Life! The universe! And Everything!!

[spoiler] The answer is Valldore ofc :P:P:P [/spoiler]

Do cats really have staff where dogs have owners?

[spoiler] I don't really get the concept of this question :P [/spoiler]

How long do you think the jump buttons will be up?

[spoiler] It's down already, so i won't answer that one :P [/spoiler]

Will newbies ever learn?

[spoiler] And how would i know, being one myself ? [/spoiler]

Hopefully this takes you a while so you're not completely bored out of your zombie brains =]

[spoiler] Just a note, FS with lashtal stated that i was brainless (and i may still be :P ) so there was no way to eat my brains :P [/spoiler]

Anyone willing , feel free to post your answers as well, and any other question you might have (please use spoiler for your answers so someone has a chance to answer first before seeing other people's if they wish to)

P.S Here is a link to the quest page, in case someone is interested what those Time-gibberish are :P [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12678-summer-fest-take-your-time-quest-disclosure-and-results/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12678-summer-fest-take-your-time-quest-disclosure-and-results/[/url]

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