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Ivorak's Garden


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Knoll Karovian - an experimental garden plot

Assistants and adepts, you may post here.

[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][log=Day 265, Year 7][/font][/color]

Ivorak: Hello, Avaritia.
Avaritia: Greetings.
Ivorak: *looks at the mounds in front of him* I've put this off for too long.
Ivorak: How about that patch over there? It's hilly, but large.
Ivorak: Hopefully there won't be too many stones.
: Ivorak trudges between the rows of another's plot
Ivorak: Oh, were we assigned plots, do you think?
Ivorak: Ava?
Avaritia: *looks up from her book* Hm? Oh, I'm sure I don't know.
Ivorak: It matters not, this one hasn't seen any work yet.
Ivorak: I'd better demarcate it a bit more though.
: Ivorak moves a few stones to the edges of his plot.
: Ivorak uses a small spade to remove a sample of soil which he places a bucket.
Ivorak: Not much more to do with a spade and bucket, eh?
: Ivorak walks back towards Ava and pauses
Ivorak: Here are the seeds for the bryony and vervain. And a few cuttings as well.
Ivorak: *hands Ava the bucket* You'll want to soak them a bit first.
Ivorak: Will you need anything else?
Avaritia: Not yet. I ~do~ hope Rumi will let me borrow some tools.


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[log=Day 274, Year 7]
[b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia walks over to Ivorak's plot[/i][/color]
[b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=Z1E6aGtZLildh5-D2CJ22g,,"][color=#7E5132]Avaritia[/color][/url]: [/b]Well, here goes.
[b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia digs several of what seem to be the appropriate sized holes for the tubers[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia nods and takes out the bryony tubers, placing them in the holes[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia covers them up with soil and steps back, taking a look[/i][/color]
[b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=Z1E6aGtZLildh5-D2CJ22g,,"][color=#7E5132]Avaritia[/color][/url]: [/b]Not too shabby
[b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia waters the tubers[/i][/color]
[b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia dusts off her hands and smiles in farewell to the bryony[/i][/color]

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[log=Day 132, Year 8]

Eagle Eye: How are you?
Ivorak: I am well
: Eagle Eye smiles
Ivorak: You?
Eagle Eye: Im good
: Ivorak nods to De Mimsy
Eagle Eye: Hello De Mimsy
Eagle Eye: Long name to type
: De Mimsy Porpington raises a hand in greeting
De Mimsy Porping.: Most call me Mimsy
Eagle Eye: ok, how are you Mimsy?
De Mimsy Porping.: Alright, and you?
Ivorak: *interrupts* Fabulous, and how's your back, my dear and long lost friend?
Eagle Eye: Me, I am well
Eagle Eye: :)
Eagle Eye: thinking?
De Mimsy Porping.: Refreshed, after a death of sorts
Ivorak: Good, good, and ghastly, eh?
Ivorak: Well, you're just in time to help me with my garden plot.
Ivorak: Ava planted some bryony for me a while back, but neglected it from thence forth
De Mimsy Porping.: Which reminds me that I must be going...
De Mimsy Porping.: How unfortunate
Ivorak: You can help me pull up what few plants grew, and we can reseed the plot.
Ivorak: Another time, perhaps?
De Mimsy Porping.: Perhaps
De Mimsy Porping.: Farewell
Ivorak: And if you see Avaritia, send her my way.
Eagle Eye: Hello Dan
Ivorak: Or that fellow Hedge. He has no arms at the moment, but nimble feet
: Eagle Eye looks to the garden
: Eagle Eye get some tank of water truck
: Eagle Eye waters the garden
Eagle Eye: Hello lashtal
: Ivorak trods over to his plot and begins uprooting his dying bryony plants
: Eagle Eye glady happy
: Ivorak tosses them into a pile to clear away later and proceeds to the toolshed
: Ivorak hoes a depressed line in which to plan the next generation
: Ivorak plants a section of the line with the berries of the old plants and the rest with new seeds from a folded packet
Ivorak: Well see if anything comes of this half.
Ivorak: *sighs* Or that half, really.
: Eagle Eye the garden smiles
: Eagle Eye his voices say thank you
: Ivorak covers the seeds with soil and waters



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