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Information about Downtime


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I guess not telling the problem is part of learning patience...? o.O

And anyways, there's no point of telling the problem, as it still won't be fixed, would it? When it does get fixed, I'm sure someone will post...

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If you ask that way, there are a few things we know from the past:
1. It's the wrong time of the day. There is no huge coding team that sits around and waits for stuff to happen, the two people who can fix the problem are usually asleep. Plus, it's sunday.
2. The two people who can fix it will be busy searching the problem and fixing it, they only post on the forum when MD broke because of something we did wrong. When it's something the game did wrong, they go and fix it, and then we can play again.
3. Considering that MD is a one man show, the code is extraordinarily stable. When something goes wrong, it doesn't take long to fix it, so once the fixers are online, they'll do it in 30 minutes or less. Alas, see point 1.
4. From all the above, you see that nobody but the coders could give a timeline, and they won't. All we can do is guessing. If my guess is a good enough information to you, try it again around 3 pm server.
(5. Not a forum thing but a general Q&A, moved.)
(Edit, 6. Changed the title, too.)

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As Burns said, the people who know/will know the reason for it, will work on fixing the problem, rather than delaying that to post here. Would you prefer a message here saying "we know what the problem is" or would you prefer it to get fixed more quickly?

Reminds me of the "old days" when this sort of thing happened like every other week.

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[quote name='Magistra' timestamp='1348991085' post='122589']
In other words, you don't believe they will? 5 minutes to tell the community what is wrong? Where the problem is situated?
In other words, when your topic was named just "Information", I gave you what you asked for. But let's put that aside for a second, when there's a topic that grows past a page in under a day, it doesn't go unnoticed by anybody who happens to be reading the forum ([url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13022-unable-to-log-in/"]referring to this[/url]), especially if that topic is about such an obvious issue. The first response of most people would be to go on the forum and search for why they can't log in and whether it's worth being bothered over. Both of those questions were answered in that thread, within half an hour of it's start, by No one. Any information other than that is not really needed for the general public, at least not while those who have the answers could be fixing the issue instead of answering questions.

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First of all, I did not change the title, I do not know who did and why,

Secondly, all I was asking for was a very tiny message, so I - and others - would know that it wasn't my computer.

That's all.

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