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So Long, Jerry the Maggot

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For Hedge:

[SPOILER]Hedge Munos: *sniffles* Not Jerry...
: Hedge Munos wraps up Jerry's maggot body in a piece of his own flesh and sets it aside
: Hedge Munos digs a maggot-sized hole with his finger
: Hedge Munos looks around the cemetery and smiles at imagined guests
Hedge Munos: We are all gathered here today to celebrate the marr...
Hedge Munos: *clears his throat* I mean
: Hedge Munos nods toward the lump that is Jerry
Hedge Munos: Jerry was a friend, companion, and flesh-eater.
Hedge Munos: He was there for me when everyone else was too busy being productive.
Hedge Munos: Just sitting there...gnawing on my decomposing flesh...he really listened to me, you know?
Hedge Munos: Well, he's gone now. But not really. You see, he'll always have a place in our hearts. Though it is more probable that he would be feasting upon our skin than our hearts.
Hedge Munos: *waves a hand in dismissal* Rest in peace with your maggot friends, Jerry.
Hedge Munos: And now I'll share a poem with you - not one of my own
Hedge Munos: The sun kept setting, setting still; No hue of afternoon Upon the village I perceived, -- From house to house 't was noon.
Hedge Munos: The dusk kept dropping, dropping still; No dew upon the grass, But only on my forehead stopped, And wandered in my face.
Hedge Munos: My feet kept drowsing, drowsing still, My fingers were awake; Yet why so little sound myself Unto my seeming make?
Hedge Munos: How well I knew the light before! I could not see it now. 'T is dying, I am doing; but I'm not afraid to know.
: Hedge Munos sets Jerry in the grave he dug and covers him up
Hedge Munos: Goodbye
Hedge Munos: *smiles at the imagined guests* Thank you.
: Hedge Munos falls back into his grave and snores[/SPOILER]

The burial of Jerry the Maggot. My condolences.

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