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MD could use a mobile version. hi there :D


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it would be easier to come on i think. i alwys have my phone during downtime but im never near my computer

i actually do all my work and play all my gamea on my ipad

i was just thinking that if Md had a simplified mobile version it might just entice people to come on.

if i ever did become active again id have to sit down on my computer for the sole purpose of MD

im lazy


i was thinking things like just including the essentials

list coming?

anyways post opinions? i understand itd be quite a bit of work but eh just a little idea

and hello to all my old friends :)

and this was btw via my ipad xD

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Please please please (to all) use the search function on the forum before posting "new" ideas. Thanks.

On a side note, I figure from your "hello to old friends" bit that you left for a while, and I haven't just been blind - so welcome back :)

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I agree that there should be something better than the current mobile experience of MD, but I realise that if this were to be developed it may directly affect the desktop experience. This is because MD uses flash. Flash does not work on a large proportion of mobile devices. Those that it does work on, it's not likely to be supported much longer (both Apple and Google are considering dropping Flash support from their products, I believe Apple have already started).
The only sure way of developing a mobile experience of MD would be to use HTML5 techniques such as canvas, cross-document messaging and perhaps even web-sockets rather than MD's current mix of mainly Flash and AJAX.

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Just to add an important note IMHO - using the mobile version for some reason skips to check the actual active day. It's tested (with a bit of bitter taste - I have lost at least 4 AD. It might not sound like a big deal, but for me personally it is, since every day in MD count's for me for one reason or another). However, changing the string from "http://magicduel.com/[b]mobile[/b]/" to "http://magicduel.com/[b]layout.php[/b]" does help, no matter that i don't have the option to use it properly on my mobile.

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1350225294' post='123974']
to devolop a html5 mobile interface would require rewriting a large chunk of code that is essentially the core of magicduel (flash interacting with ajax to produce functionality)
I realise that it would be quite a lot of work, but it may not be as much as you think. According to the articles I have read, porting flash to canvas is straight-forward and most of the AJAX can remain just a whole lot simpler as it wouldn't have to interface with flash.

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