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Meeting with Bugs 13th October 2012

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Quote of bugs@MD. I am not sure if the date in the topic's title is the right one, but it certainly is soon after the meeting, held with bugs@

[quote]Summary of meeting with bugs@MD

Why is MD breaking so much?
- Issues with another service on the server causing PHP sessions to break.
- Should now be fixed, report again if the issue occurs again.
- BMMORPG broke because they are run on the same server and the server was affected.
- Information shall be posted as soon as we can but if someone isn't around then its impossible to actually post information.

Do you read the forums, specially the bugs section, yourself, or do you rely on information passed to you by Mur, council, Ren, whoever?
- We read the forum but cannot be on the forum all the time. Sending an email regarding it will also help as it will bring it to our attention immediately rather than seeing a post weeks later. We read the forum when we have time.

Misc Comment: Yeah... we're really no good at recognizing problems, I fear. -.-
- Ideally when problems occur a print-screen will be mailed or posted on the forum. Being able to see the error helps to fix it rather than just knowing there is an error.

When is citizenship being done:
- It's a weekends worth of time, but it was meant to be done a couple of weekends ago - lots of important things came up such as sorting out the BMMORPG rewards after they broke when the TK's changed over. Further changes were needed to ensure that it doesn't occur again.

Do we still get castles for 1000 sand?:
- Sandcastle recipe is planned but I am waiting for someone to give me a cauldron recipe. Feel free to mail one.
- Item bucket as main cauldron
- Item spade as recipe book
- Needs ingredients and words
- 100 sand input

Any more info you could give about the announcement for the focus group on remaking interface ?
- We are looking to change/move/reformat the many links along the top and side
- It's bad as soon as you join you have 50+ links
- Looking for opinions, viewpoints and other helpful information.
- Might be looking for coding help, contact us if interested

Misc Question: if we make an item, can you code it to replenish resources?
- Anything is possible
- We have been considering ways to replenish resources
- Marind Bell's "herb planter" has something similar which is planned to be coded.
- If your item fits a pre-existing ability, ask council, if your item needs coding, ask council but its very unlikely
- Herb planter was approved by council before they decided no more personal requests would be done

How is work going on mp6?
- No work
- We have had little mp6 feedback with the exception of Burns and Phantom Orchid being abusive
- There was a forum topic or something also
- If you remember the development focus topic, it wasn't high up on the list of things people care about

What are planned for tags:
- Tags are already planned to give various such things
- Tags would give a boost to various spells/roles/skills
- It might be that there will be a "protector of X" land tag, whereby they wouldn't need adepts to be sustained
- Or, need less adepts

About cauldron recipes, is it possible to make a recipe that can have different outcomes when different steps are taken?
For example if you let something bake too long it'll get burned?
- Yes, currently recipes don't require time and they can be performed in any order

Misc Question: Viscosity, I feel it should be changed?:
- Visc is Mur's invention and one of his concepts, I disagreed with it initially, I still disagree with it partially
- The issue is that +40 is massive when its 1 AP but when its 400 +40 is nothing
- I understand the issues, but Mur did specifically mention that after a while some people would organise to walk paths to keep visc low
- Possibly using a percentage system instead of a normal one

Can heads be fixed to allow those who have won before to take heads outside a heads contest.
- Yes, but this requires work, council should be contacted.

Do you know if there is a plan on land treasury?:
- Lands will have treasuries where you store the winnings from TC, HC and BHC
- Some people will be in charge, possibly based on a tag based on the new system
- Treasury items will likely have a point value assumed by the person in charge
- Players who gain points will be able to redeem them for items in the treasury
- Points will be gained for doing numerous things.

Misc Question: then... will be done... new tutorial, new interface, maybe viscosity, land treasury, resource item, HC and BHC, quest's side
- New tutorial: I haven't seen any concrete plans, cannot comment
- New interface: that's a running project
- Viscosity: create a forum topic then I will ask Mur to comment on things
- Land treasury: after tag system
- Resource replenish item: possible after citizenship I believe, according to my schedule
- HC and BHC: no active plans for them currently

Are there plans to rework wishshop?:
- No
[07/10/12 14:21] *Shadowseeker*:Add more options, and sort the extra research points into one option maybe
[07/10/12 14:21] *Shadowseeker*:As it is, we have way too many research points for nothing
[07/10/12 14:21] *Shadowseeker*:And it's always the same thing, but having them as multiple wishes with 2 uses possible each
- Suggest some items on the forum :) things you would like

Will the "under construction" story mode be fixed?
- That's pending further review with Mur , it's his call as to what's going to happen with it
- It wasn't that high up on the list of development focus items either, I don't think, meaning that I haven't yet had any discussion with him[/quote]

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