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As I suggested ingame earlier, it might be helpful to move the pages showing the alliance members into the current alliance page or below the info regarding which land you belong, only for the respective land.

E.g. you are part of Golemus, you get to see an updated list of who is in citizenship/alliance anytime, because it makes sense for you to know, but you know nothing about other lands. Anyone else will have to go to the public "notice boards" in the capitals to know.

Opinions? I made a poll to vote as well.

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Either that, or make a seperate tab in the alliance page, to indicate who is also in your land.

The citizenship tab got removed (thanks for reminding me that we had that useless feature), but I was thinking to have it below the alliance chat. This of course means that the people who don't have access to that page yet don't get to see it (so only citizens who never have been in an ally would be affected), which isn't that much of a problem itself, but might want to be remedied.

Edit: either way, I just wanted to suggest a feature to let you actually know who is in your land- because that's something you should be able to know, without having to walk to your home base.

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Maybe that list of (citizens of a land) can be made available for the public somehow
- either by "same land" tab
- or a click-able at the [b]entrance[/b] .
That way everyone can find it easily.

By having the list in alliance page will be just like having VIP information as the citizens themselves cannot check it.

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