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Secret Santa


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I know that there is already a crazy santa and a christmas tree for people to get random creatures and rewards... but, why not a secret santa? its the holidays and usually around this time of year I like to do something nice.

I am wondering about legalities of this, potential volunteers and overall how to make this work.

thank you.

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I don't believe there are any legal problems with a secret santa (as long as there are no WP in the mix), just get a list of people, use a random number generator of some sort (Dice!) and assign recipients before you know what gifts will be given to them, to be sure nobody accuses you of giving an advantage of some sort to anybody. Let me know if you need anything, I'd be happy to help organize it.

Edit: Oh right also secret santa has been done before just fine.

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Thank you everyone!

When I left MD I gave away all my good items, so I personally cannot sponsor this. Should I seek out sponsorship from those willing?

And for gifting, should recipients make a list of things they wish for?
Who should benefit from this? New players, those struggling?

I was also thinking of making a Secret Santa account for those involved in the gifting to use so that hopefully, no wrongful/ unnecessary accusations can be made based on the person. Does this sound good?

Also thinking for winter fest, this could be played out. Otherwise, should this just be done during near the time of Christmas? [I know, I should have put this up sooner but it just hit me yesterday.]

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I think we have a different understanding of secret santa...
We use to write our names on pieces of paper, throw them in a hat and pull one each. On the last day of work before christmas, everybody gets a little gift from their secret santa, and gives one to somebody else. I think you're thinking of something along the lines of gifts to the poor <.<

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Sure. I'll send out some PMs and see what I can do, either way though. And I do like the idea that Pips gave. I'll PM you three to brain storm some more, this may happen after Christmas if I can't get my butt in gear.

Also, yes, I do get excited. : D

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