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Becoming a citizen of Necrovion


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[u][b]Becoming a citizen of Necrovion[/b][/u]

This is a world of spirits. Beings who think themselves anything other than spirits may not have what it takes to survive in Necrovion. You are encouraged to choose and develop your role as you see fit, as long as it doesn't conflict with the nature of this land. However if you consider yourself a spell caster of some kind, a shape shifter or claim some other powers, support it by using something real to this world. If you cannot, you do not belong here.

Before you apply for citizenship you are encouraged to seek out and speak with as many Necrovians as you can- especially older citizens, alliance leaders and Death Guard members.

[u][b]Service to Necrovion[/b][/u]
In the course of events Necrovion may once again be threatened by outside forces. As a citizen you are expected to study the ways of combat and keep yourself in decent fighting condition - so if the need arises, you are able to respond.
However, if the fighter's way is not yours, there are other ways to be of service to Necrovion and its inhabitants.

[u][b]Encounters with Shades[/b][/u]
If you happen upon a Shade, be respectful. We are all only guests in this land and have no authority over them. If a Shade interacts with you, consider yourself either very lucky or very unlucky. Proceed with caution.

As a citizen of Necrovion you are expected to treat others, with courtesy and respect - have at least basic knowledge of current pacts, treaties and agreements and participate in ongoing land votes.

Protectors are an important part of Necrovian infrastructure. New players are encouraged to adept to a protector in name, even if you are learning under someone else. Players of higher mind-power are encouraged to worship a Necrovian protector,as this can provide benefits to all.

As a Necrovian you are expected to solve your problems and challenges by any means you see fit. However should you decide to break the laws of this or other lands or break game rules, you do so at your own risk. Unless when acting under explicit orders from a Necrovian land leader.

[u][b]Code of Conduct[/b][/u]

Necrovians are bound by their word. This word may be bent, but never broken.
Speaking in half-truths is the equivalent of a Necrovian accent. However, blatant lies will not be tolerated.

Everything a Necrovian does is exactly what they intended to do. Even if everything has seemed to have fallen apart around you. Remember, even this you can use to your advantage.

Name calling is not a Necrovian trait. Respect your enemies; show the proper manners and social graces - and knife them in the back when the opportunity arises.

Never have all your cards on the table. Even if you are holding nothing back, people should feel as though you are. When someone thinks he knows everything about you, he will act accordingly. When you are mysterious, you are also fearsome.

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