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  1. I've seen it, but no idea what causes it. I think the doc location has a similar issue.
  2. I made it but Mur did some tinkering on it too. Better you have a look
  3. @ fang & Else That is helpful. Thank you.
  4. @ Fang & Else. Did you guys use bounties and/or other "help" to move around? How many locations with Dark Marigold flowers did you find? (just the number will suffice) For science. Thank you
  5. Checked several "dwellings". Creature images are broken. Creatures can still be recruited though.
  6. You can still get a heat stone from someone else there and finish repairing the balloon. And/or solve the riddles/clues to unlock the door and take that path. Find me there if you need help.
  7. I'll send you a private msg to avoid the Spoiler Monster that lurks in the depths of the forum
  8. Hi, Yes there is a way. Look for clues in the Paper Cabin and the Gazebo of Chaos. You'll need a little help.
  9. While my opinion might be considered somewhat biased. I try not to be. I think keeping GWi as spawning point for new players is better than directly to the main land. As has been said. At least GWI offers some single player activity. And it slows a player down a bit, though not much, before seeing how empty MD currently is. What it does need is an automated narrative/guide. Since there aren't enough active helpers to have a 24/7 presence. And follow up quests for the various exits. For someone actually stuck. Or old player just popping in. Sure port them out. (easy enough to make a clicky that offers insta travel choice to anyone above a set ad minimum) @ Ledah. The rope is not hard to get. It is easy to miss though. (It's just lying on the ground somewhere ) The Heads option is one of the oldest possible ways out. But it was disabled because there was no point. As you pointed out. Not enough people... And riddles... well they are tricky, some you get instantly and others you just can't figure out. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.
  10. Heat stones can be made by those that hold the required tool. Usually you only have to provide memory stones and maybe heat. I think currently Syrian has such a tool. As for market value. Not much. Unless the supply and demand ratio changes
  11. @Hemicar. To go through the story again you have to go to Gateway Island. Mayby you can find a way at the Gazebo of Chaos
  12. Chew preparing his "next move".
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