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The Revival Festival


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Alone and overwhelmed his life was taken.

On my way to locate an Molquert, my armor was stolen, exhausted my strength, my patience tested in the end I could not even move and I fainted ...

When I woke someone dropped then disappeared, i was stuck for a few days, with no sign of anyone, lost when depronto sound caught my attention and I get a message ....

The heads are rolling and everything is upside down

many eyes, whisper in the night owls abound

other visitors consume all

¿what things are and how they are? ...

the answer was easy and when was correct

appeared with a gloomy aspect of child

Molquert walking in circles around and looking at me

luckily thought was best

if I had seen it before, maybe i be exiled

in the void you can find plenty of them its a thought or concept ?¿what is and how you can explain ... Molquert ask me

continued his questions and after several days of questions and a game was played

I understood the situation

I was charged with the task of reviving a who is not beloved

in this festival

Fang Archbane be revived

receive prizes for their assistance but not before a few simple answer, riddles

the prizes will be:

2 Armors

1 Colored Joker

1 Nutcraker for xmass

And maybe a rusgold :D

Also some coins

Apart can meet, the great Molquert, his guards

confront them or being in a sacred place

All will take place at the entrance of the labyrinth

at 12 server time

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