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The Lazarus Resurrection


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Greetings to everyone,

It has been a long time since I got active in the realm, and back then I didn't have any clear role about my character, Lazarus, and my goals for him are very very ambitious. Now I think it is about time to officially announce and share to you all about my character's role in the realm.

A brief history:

Lazarus was the former leader of the Necrovion Sentinels during the war of King Jester, until it was dissolved. His participation in the war was minimal, but his dedication to Necrovion, and back then, to the Lands of the East, is beyond measure. He was one of the earliest members of the Seal of Six, with Granos as the leader, he supported my character very well so Lazarus will always be an Easternian as it was my original goal for him to be a citizen of that land, but this has changed overtime.

He served the reigning leaders of the lands to the best of his abilities, whether it is wisdom, arts, or mere support in battles. He is usually seen in the Golden Globe Gazebo, training really hard and using it as his advantage to dominate his Mindpower level. He was one of the most powerful MP4's back then, but he could not beat some of the members of the other alliance for their strength and high principles.

After the war, he continued to train and grind, but I did not see the fact that I was losing my character bit by bit, as he continues to train, his influence and roleplay decreased overtime. He then decided to quit training as I find his stats enough and I want to continue roleplaying with him, because only through it will I be able to mold my character to its maximum potential.

Then the unexpected happened, I destroyed my character through my lack of sensitivity towards others, I was constantly being rude to other people in RL and always laughing at their misfortune, and this has greatly affected my characters. I had enemies, and they are among the most influential people in MD.

With this, Lazarus was feeling dead, he walked towards the Deathmarrow to sacrifice himself to the wholeness of Necrovion and spoke his last words, then he disappeared...

Two years later, the Demon of the East found his corpse in the depths of Necrovion. The Demon was conducting an experiment to his corpse, constantly running demonstrations, until a spark of life emanated from within the corpse of my character. Lazarus is reborn, revitalized, and resurrected.

On the 317th day, a black haze materialized from the within the foul and rotting stench of the fortress of the Shades; the Stone of Twisted Souls, his body was found lying under the haze, unconscious.

Lazarus regained a small amount of strength, his body still adjusting to its newly found life. His emotions and human qualities had disappeared, along with his heart, he is under constant physical pain, he is very very weak indeed, and his regenerating flesh falls off from time to time. To cover the undesirable appearance of his rotting flesh and to hide his foul stench, he put on what was left of his armor, a white cloth, and a white veil to cover his face. He wears the crown of thorns that seemed to be fused in his skull. He wanders off from Necrovion from time to time using a staff to help him walk, but he is being constantly called by the Shades back to the Stone for unknown reasons.

Lazarus has risen, the purpose of his return is a secret that he will keep until the right time comes (I will reveal it for my upcoming quest in October 31st, 2013). He awaits to regain his full strength, and when that time comes, he will unleash his full glory.

[i]"A new life, a new chapter of his dark purposes will rise,[/i]
[i]An old dream, an exodus of events will materialize.[/i]
[i]The Kingdom of Necrovion will prevail for all to see,[/i]
[i]The fire of the Stone, the twisted souls will be set free.[/i]"

Thank you to the citizens of Necrovion for making my character an official Necrovion citizen, and thank you for reading.



Edited by Lazarus
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