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[s]6th Year Anniversary Aramor (Blue coloured)[/s] [color=#ff0000]Selled[/color]
[s]Stored Heat 514763
Age 551
ID 719444
No tokens[/s]

Stored Heat 0
Age 450
ID 696535
No tokens

[s]Happy Elu[/s] [color=#ff0000]Selled[/color]
[s]Stored Heat 30945
Age 360
ID 749917
No tokens[/s]

Loreroot Archer
Stored Heat 5079656
Age 902
ID 626983
claw1, claw2, blooddrop1, blooddrop2, blooddrop3, stardust

Stored Heat 7878189
Age 889
ID 653305
claw1, claw2, blooddrop2, stardust, emeraldglare, kellethafire, jewelshards, firedrop

Tormented Soul
Stored Heat 199983
Age 1170
ID 421931
claw2, blooddrop3

Interested in trades for highly tokened creatures, Reins or some fun rare things (ie. Darklings, Swordsmen, etc.). Won't sell if I don't like the offer, and if you're going to PM me, I'd prefer in game, as my forum PM box is 3% away from full. I'm usually idle at Fenths Press.

And just to be perfectly clear, none of this has anything to do with TK, TK stock, or other TK members (unless they bid on stuff). These creatures are all from my own collection and all trades/coins will go to my personal inventory.

[s]Edit: If you wish to offer credits, I will go by the rate determined after all that debate in [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13018-trading-credits-for-gold/"]Seig's thread[/url], 5 credits = 1 gold.[/s]
Edit Edit: Nevermind, I'd prefer coins to credits (though if you have no other options, contact me)

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Not interested in elementals, sorry.

Tormented Souls (and soulweavers)
Water Daimons
Unholy Priests
Barren Souls
Jokers (colourless and coloured)

I am not interested in any of the above creatures, possibly others, but I can't think of them at the moment. Tokened creatures I am specially interested in would be a much shorter list: plain aramors (and Annivs) and draches (all variants)

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