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MagicDuel is ran, developed and played by the community. Without you we couldn't do half as much as we do, and all of these things that people do take time. Sadly because we rely on the time given by others to complete things many items, especially coding, take a lot longer than planned. From time to time i will post up jobs on the forum, none of these jobs are mission critical but jobs that can be done by the community and any time that we dont spend fixing grammar, spellings, or cleaning up ingame text is time we can spend programming/planning the next feature.

To this aim the council and I shall post jobs here that we feel the community can help with. All jobs will be in the format:

Job Details: Short information about the job
Job Contact: The person you should contact to help with the job or for more information
Job Status: [Starting,In progress, finished] , [not looking for more people, looking for more people]
Members: <any comments about who is working on what part>
Other comments: Misc comments

if you want to help with a job, contact the person who is listed as the contact. They should update the topics as jobs are done and fulfilled.


Some jobs will require more specialized skills, To that end i will keep a list of people who have any special talents or have stated they dont mind helping out.

If you want to be added to the list, send to bugs@

Email address you can be contacted on
Special talents (anything you think might be helpful)
Anything you have worked on bugs with previous

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  • Root Admin

Wookie Points

Since many people have helped me in the past but i havent really kept up to date with them, i plan to introduce a new concept called "Wookie Points" Essentially each job you perform you gain a specific number of wookie points, these can be traded in for coins/items and similar. The more you help MD, the more gifts you get.


Wookie Points will be given out by me specifically for doing jobs, redeeming them is done by talking to me, and prizes and other redeemables will be decided on by myself and council. Its just a silly way of saying "You have done X, we value this at Y, thank you"


If people want to contact me stating what they have done before i will consider giving them retroactively but this is up to my discretion.

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