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Sort players in current area with valid pvp targets at top

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im pretty sure it is in alphabetical order with the caps first, your own name might just appear on the bottom of the list automaticly though

as for the same mp lvl at the top i would definitely support that idea. it would make things easier and faster

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I'm in favor of this, but I'm also in favor of the server running smoothly...

Currently it seems, as many have said, that the list is case-sensitive alphabetical, and displays left to right - so if you read down one column and then down the next it will still seem random. Of course, this sorting is secondary to the status sorting of being "online", "passing-through", or "offline".

To identify "valid pvp targets" would mean determining the vitality of each person's creatures, since too low vitality makes you invalid. This would require more effort from the server, and I'm against that. I think sorting by MP would be most efficient. While putting those matching your current MP at the top might seem nice to some, it's still now at least 3 different orderings (more as higher MPs are added). My favored implementation would be to display in columns instead of lines, with a divider line between MPs.

Adding an option to exclude "offline" characters from list could save some space.

Also, I think it might be helpful to mix the "passing-through" and "online" people together, and here's why:

With the current list, you may be surveying a number of potential targets... then the list updates. Visually, it can be hard enough to find these people again in the list - they've often changed columns, they may have changed rows, they may have left the area entirely. If they left the area and changed to "passing-through" status, they won't alter the layout of the list, only those that are "passing-through" that expire from the list (or anyone that logs out) would change the layout and seeing those mixed in with the "online" names will allow you to expect the change. If you've used AIM, and seen when someone logs off, there name turns italic before it disappears - I like that, at least so far in the fact that it's a cue of what to expect next. I'm not asking for all that mind you, just my suggested watered-down version of it.

... and timestamps in the chat. ;)

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i must agree with Trahem on that note

it would eat more server to do that and we know after yesterday it can handle it but it would cost more time and effort to do this

rather than implement new things and ideas and expand on the game

which would you rather expansion or revision

that is really the question here

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I think that above the server load problems that this would present, This would also be hard on the newer players to a new mindpower level. They are just getting back into the swing of things at virtually Vulnerable to attack already from every other player of that mindpower who has been there longer then them.

If you organize it to make it easier to spot me right away when i move into a new area, Id never EVer be able to get a win and there-for, Id never be able to grow my characters, which as of right now, I still cant do. Ive been mind power 4 for over a week now, and I havent managed to get a single pvp victory yet because of my level of creatures which was very good at mind power 3 where i couldnt be beaten.....

Frankly, The way it is now, Im even getting very frustrated and bored with trying to heal my units and find a target which virtually dosent exsist for me before I get attacked by several people and all my ve is eliminated.... :D

In reality, im playing this game less and less every day because of this hinderance, and the fact that it takes me practically half a day to a whole day just to heal all my creatures again plays a big roll in my frustration....

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Dalorian, try making a few rits which have a low percentage of your ve in, that way when you get attacked, you wont loose so much vitality, and so wont have such a problem

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