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Our friends at BrowserMMORPG.com kindly agreed with us to include our new BMMO Gifts as rewards for those who vote for MagicDuel

The following freebies were added:[list]
[*]BMMO Bronze Gift: This one is given to those who post written reviews for MagicDuel. You can do that by login to your free BrowserMMORPG.com account, visit magicduel's vote page: http://browsermmorpg.com/vote.php?id=217 type in your review, fill the security code and validate your vote.
[indent=1]On each successful vote you give, while you are legged in to your account you receive one gold. Those gold can be exchanged for any gifts available at their gift shop, including the ones we donate. That's the case of our other item.[/indent][list]
[*]BMMO Silver Gift: This one is available for 10 gold at BrowserMMORPG.com. You can get this one by submitting ten valid votes for MD while you are logged in to your free BrowserMMORPG.com account and then visiting their gift shop: http://browsermmorpg.com/giftshop
[indent=1]The previously mentioned freebies have a nice and balanced effect that you can use when you most need. They work in a way that will help both, players who are new and weak, but also those who are old and strong.[/indent]

With your votes and written reviews you are supporting the efforts of the admins, coders, and community by giving us the exposition needed to reach new audiences and present them the great community we are.

As a side note, it is always useful to have feedback, for this items and the ones we provided on the past, as it will help developing other things to reward you, those that are loyal to MD.

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will they ever get restocked? be nice to have an additional way to get free credits, maybe you could raise the price of 1 credit to like 20 gold and keep that in stock. going with a 0.01 cred per per vote, multiplied by 20 gives 0.2, when you account for the fact it counts as 10 votes if your a member (and you have to be to get gold) its 2 credits making it a not to devalueing influence, you can get 19 cred per 100 days with free credits now, that would only add 5 creeds per 100 days more (assuming continous voting).

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The things in our MDShop are restocked when you tell the shop so, and you are correct, the free creds are pretty balanced.

In the BMMO shop, though, you get 4 gold a day if you vote as often as possible. Whatever gets put up there will be bought instantly by the vets who have the gold piling up already, but if they were available without limit, you get way too much from it. For a stable pricing, you'd need to make a single silver coin in BMMO shop cost over 40 gold, then it'd be about as valuable as a silver coin from the MD Shop time-wise.

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I try to restock things randomly or on important MD days (like anniversary, xmas, etc)


Currently I have no codes available to restock anything on the Gift Shop, neither I have requested council the codes. As Burns pointed out keeping a balance is totally essential. We are trying to provide items that wont damage the balance but will help players like the silver, bronze gifts.


I'm open to any kind of suggestions of items that could be added to the Gift Shop, but have in mind they must keep a balance.

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While I like how BMMO voting encourages votes for MD rather than just clicks on the red links, the silver gift boxes seem fairly fighting-oriented thus far. Would it upset the balance terribly if individual resources (water, lumber, dusts, etc) were to be made available in that shop for several gold apiece? Or would it be better for the flow of items within the realm for things that come from outside MD to be labeled as such, as spellstones were in the past and giftboxes are now?


Alos, been wondering: is Top Online MMORPG just a near-clone of BMMO but without the rewards, or did it at one time/could its shop (through which voters can amass 'gold' at the same rate as BMMO) contain rewards akin to BMMO's?

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Also, been wondering: is Top Online MMORPG just a near-clone of BMMO but without the rewards, or did it at one time/could its shop (through which voters can amass 'gold' at the same rate as BMMO) contain rewards akin to BMMO's?

I was wanting to post this for quite a while, but zyxae the site's shop hasn't opened... So maybe, iunno, it isnt possible to open an MD shop in there yet?
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