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I'm looking for some technical NonMD related help.


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Here's my problem, I currently use two laptops, one connects through my home wifi network, the other through a LAN ethernet cable. The other day the computer, that runs through the Ethernet cable, decided it wanted to run a disc check when I restarted it. Note before I restarted it, everything was fine. After running the disc check and booting up I didn't have internet.

Heres what I can tell you. Opening up the local area connection window shows no packets being sent or received. Under the support tab there's nothing listed on the connection statues and when I click the repair button I get this message:

Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed. Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection. Cannot proceed.

Someone suggested a new driver. Tried that and still have the same problems. Tried plugging in a wifi card and it doesn't even recognize the home wifi network.

I run windows XP on an IBM ThinkPad. Any questions, advice, or solutions are most welcome.

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I am probably not the most computer savy ,, and some will give better concel

but it seem to me that if there was and disk check , and after it you dont have network capability, it suggest that some of your disck was corrupt and to repair it just liberate some space ... but some information is lost

your computer seem to work still but i think some part of the file system that was with your network capability now is either missing or corrupt

* an reinstall of winwows or from an image backup ifyou have one ... for me is the solution

* also in control pannel there is an option: Undo changes to your computer with System Restore

(maybe you can try that before making an new windows install ... or using an image backup if you have one) but i am septic

NOTE: and if you do an windows install ... you know you will lose all ... so remember to backup any infoyou want to keep ... and you will have to reinstall all your programs that you have install

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WIndows xp been a while since i have had to tell someone this like 9 years i think

look like xp had an issue with TCP/IP and it is now croupted
this should help you.


if not try uninstalling the network card driver for all networking device
if you have both wirelss and wird on that system

then restart and reinstall the driver

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