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Drachorn Poetry (not MD Birthday)


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Over the next week, you're all pretty busy with quests, which is the perfect time for this little quest. I want you to take all the creativity flowing around here, soak it up, and write some poetry.

As most of you probably know, i have no clue about creative writing whatsoever. Therefore, the rating will be done by some people who actually know what a poem needs to be like. The judges won't be told whose poem they are reading, and you won't be told who the judges are until it's over.

Unfortunately, the judges are a little limited, therefore i can only accept poetry in English. The length is up to you, as is the topic, as long as it is connected to drachorns (at least loosely).

Your works will be rated on the artistic value, style and techniques, but also on how accurately you stick to the game reality.

For example:
"I like Bob the Tree at Path of Loneliness, because his shiny flowers never leave a mess" would probably score very poorly on style and technique, but get a decent score on accuracy. You get the idea.

You are allowed to send multiple poems if you wish so, in this case i will split them up before sending them to the judges and will use the average score of all of them to determine your ranking.
In the unlikely case of a tie, i will send the tied poems out again and have the judges pick which one they like better out of the two.

All works must be in by Day 111, 01:01:01 server time. Please send them to me as PM or forum PM.

Because we're all in a gift-giving mood right now, the top 2 poets will receive a Drach Charm.

[As last quests' winner, dst can't win a charm in this quest]

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I see there is no limit on length, neither maximum nor minimum nor any scores for length as such.Does this mean there will be no penalizations for a poem that is really short?

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If you can paint a fine portrait on a stamp, why use some 6 foot canvas for it?
The thing i want my judges to rate is not how long it is, but the intensity of it. If you write a poem that's really short, but with good contents and fine techniques, you'll score better than a long text that fails in terms of contents and artistry.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally, i can announce the winners of this quest :)

Sunfire was the only one who tried his luck with two poems.
It was a really tight race in the end, and we actually have tied winners:

Soothing Sands and darkraptor!

Come and find me to get your charms, please. :)

I apologize for taking so long, there were some issues to get everything into my schedule, too many exams right now -.-

[s]I've attached all the poems [/s]and the scores that were assigned by the three judges Tarquinus, Innocence and Grido. Actually, i've upped it to storenow, the forum doesn't like winrar, apparently. :))

Enjoy the poetry, i surely did :D

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