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"Mighty Weapon" answers

Muratus del Mur

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Player_Name: King Galbatorix

Commets: A dragon blood poisones dager that has been lost for centuries. Has secret

powers and is as light as fast as a feather.

Player_Name: karu

Commets: an item such as a weapon or a suit of armor that is most powerful &

coveted throught the land, that will greatly help who or whatever is pulling the box

out of the ground

Player_Name: Gunner

Commets: A legandary weapon made with an unknown material that was found underground.

Player_Name: Bonnaz

Commets: Einhejar - The God's Weapon

Player_Name: Horriyodo

Commets: Some sort of un-holy weaponry...Hopfully a sword. This is because the being

pulling it from the ground seems unholy and in need of a weapon :D

Player_Name: syafiq502

Commets: a mighty sword of magic duel

Player_Name: Nickster

Commets: A sacred weapon that holds the fate of the world.

Player_Name: DemionSkar

Commets: A powerful Relic of some sort

like a sword or axe, with unquestionable power for the user.

Forbidden magic scrolls

Sorry i have an imagnitive mind on me i come up with weird and wonderful things at


Player_Name: evilmonkey

Commets: well i think the box holds some sort of super armour or weapon like the

story of king arther and excalaber he had to pull it out of a stone in this case the

ground but whatever it is i think it would be cool no mater what-lol or some type of

funny gift of a sort that is comic relife useable

Player_Name: crazyinluv

Commets: a sword

Player_Name: dragonslayer

Commets: longsword

Player_Name: Redeevolt

Commets: a sword

Player_Name: Bruce Wayne

Commets: its a special amour

Player_Name: Paperpusher

Commets: Sword

Player_Name: Sauron

Commets: Staff of Odin --> The Uynio

(Sword of Element)

Player_Name: Markwood

Commets: a sword

Player_Name: link

Commets: sword

Player_Name: Robexib

Commets: I think there might be an ultimate weapon in there. I don't know, I've

never seen it open!

Player_Name: Joshmck

Commets: A magical sword

Player_Name: sapk

Commets: Sword

Player_Name: Bruce Maxwell

Commets: A Mystical Sword

Player_Name: badassbassist5

Commets: a sword

Player_Name: JubJub

Commets: The ultimate weapon.

Player_Name: Amras

Commets: Actualy, I think it is a sword for some reason..

Player_Name: darkblacken

Commets: some sort of armor or clothing

Player_Name: chewett

Commets: a scared dragon artifact that will give power up to him/her

Player_Name: the420kid

Commets: Hopefully he is geting his wepon from the box he looks ot be unarmed.

Player_Name: sharpyx

Commets: a magic sowrd to rule and conquer.he will bring his army from the ground to

make his empire and convert everyone into his slave and forever rulind them until

one warrior comes to defeat him and change the world back to the way it was until he

died and a new evil ruler takes the sowrd again.

Player_Name: BoinkeR

Commets: I think that maybe a sword that is very p[ower full may lie inside the box

he is puling out!

Player_Name: zenzaney

Commets: there is a magic crystal sheild in the box that a man is pulling out of the


Player_Name: kyron

Commets: it's a sword

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Im thinking about some sort of ultiment dueling weapon (could be sword, staff, dagger, or claw set) that adds 15 attack and 4 defence bonus but you can only get it on 7th mind power for 5000 VP Discription; A weapon of dark origens purified by a paladin who's name is lost to time this incredable weapon has leveled entire fortresses with one stroke it is said it is forged of an ancient metal so hard it can break even the hardest armor and cursed to kill with one cut/bash.....don't slip while carrying it ;)

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