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Novice Travel Co.

Fang Archbane

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Good evening friends and enemies, people old and new, and everything in between.

I am officially starting up the Novice Travel Co., a group of people dedicated to teaching the new blood in MagicDuel, all there is to know about each land (Except for Necro, the good people of Necrovion like to do those themselves).

I am the means for the child to move around easily, pickles and such, now what i am looking for is at least one specialist for each main land, so that said specialists can teach what they may while i help the child travel.

Golemus Golemicarum - Falronn

Marind Bell - In Need Of Specialist

Loreroot - In Need Of Specialist

No Mans Land - Rikstar

MagicDuel Archives - In Need Of Specialist

Lands Of The East - In Need Of Specialist

Underground - In Need Of Specialist

Established Housings - In Need Of Specialist (I need some Bob lovers dawg :3)

As the days go by, i will update this post to show who is a specialist for what land. To know enough about each land to teach another, does not have to mean you are a part of it. If youre, lets say, ex GG for whatever reason, and you know enough to sign up as a specialist for the Co., then by all means, do so.

We can have any number of specialists for all the lands, just please make sure you have enough time on your hands on a regular basis to be able to actively teach the new ones when in need. Any one person can be a specialist for any number of lands, there is no real limit, only that of knowledge.

And so with that i leave you. Trolls, feel free to troll. Loved ones, feel free to love. Everyone in between, feel free to flail as you watch the chaos i seem to bring wherever i waddle.

~ Fang

Edit: Any names with Asterisks next to them are still going through some clarifications ( ^^)

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