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Vertus md bday quest


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I don't have an easy way to contact council ATM. So listing my winners here. Also thank you to anyone who tried it.

1st place: Nimrodel

2nd place: Dst

3rd place: elthuen airis

Also sorry about any terrible spelling or grammar. I don't have Internet ATM and I'm on iPod at work

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  • Root Admin

You guys really need to learn to read announcements:

Ann. 2525 - [2013-04-02 14:30:27 - Stage 11]
Birthday Questing - Have you got your Questmakers Pass?
During the MD birthday we would like you to run your own quests. The difference from normal is that we want them to fit certain criteria. All questmakers who want to make a quest for the MD Birthday need to contact council to inform them they will be making one. Once we have received this we shall add you to the list of questmakers. Quests should be fun, inventive and shouldn't take over a week to finish. We ask that you do not state you are sponsoring any rewards for the quests and [b]do not announce the winners until we tell you can.[/b] This is because our rewards will be given out based on a wide range of criteria and want to ensure fairness across the board. You are free to give rewards for the results but we do not want you to state them before hand. For the majority of quests, assume that 1st, 2nd, 3rd position will be given rewards by us.

All quests that players participate in will be judged by the new quest voting system, this will give us and the Treasure Keepers an idea of how fun the quest was. Quest makers will receive rewards based on how fun, interesting, difficult the quest was. These are not the only criteria, but if lots of people loved your quest you are likely to get a nice reward.

All questers that participate in quests will get points based on how many they complete. These points will be scaled based on a number of undisclosed factors. Quest rewards shall be based on a large amount of categories for competing quests, not just on number. All questers that win a quest will get some form of reward so it is not just for the person who finishes the most.

If you want to apply for a questmaker pass so that your quest is counted in competition contact council with
Quest name
Approximate quest difficulty (easy, medium, hard)
Approximate quest time (short <30 minutes, medium <3 hours, long day+)

Quests should be run during the MD birthday and should end during or just after the event. This will allow us to promptly announce the winners and rewards.

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