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More options for filling a heat jar


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Removing the heat limit for Protectors has had some side-effects for Protectors using heat jars. I have over 1.2 million heat active in my erolin device right now, thanks to the dedication and/or thirst for loyalty of my worshippers. This means that whenever I fill a heat jar for use in say, making tea, I'd be needlessly wasting hundreds of thousands of heat, due to how you fill heat jars right now.


Therefore, I'd like to propose that things be changed so that you can choose another option when filling up a heat jar, 'Other', for instance. When you select that, you can type in exactly how much heat you want to put in the heat jar. Another option would be to just have the form, with all of the current heat being the default value. So if one had 2000 heat, 2000 would appear already in the form.


There are some beneficial side-effects to this problem though. Now, if a Protector wants to load up a cauldron item with heat, they need to use heat stones, or heat from someone else. This promotes more person to person interactions.


What do you think? This suggestion originally came from me not being able to make heat stones anymore without wasting hundreds of thousands of heat, or without doing a lot of healing first (so as to not waste hundreds of thousands of heat). But then I thought of how it's also problematic when you use heat jars for other things.

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it seems like a good idea, and would be less wasteful, but think about how entropy and conversion work, nothing ever transfers into another form fully, there is always some waste, nothing in the world is 100% effeciency and this is another example of that, you have millions of heat, and you gain plenty from worshippers, do you ever run out when you waste so much heat? if so i could see a change being needed, but waste is a natural process and is reflected here

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I have thought of that, yes. But was so much waste really intended? It might have been meant to scale like this--I don't know. It's a tricky situation, to be sure. Part of why I give this suggestion is because healing has already been changed so that only the heat that's needed for healing is used, not all of the heat. Before that change, if I wanted to heal a young one for 10,000 vitality, I'd be wasting over 1.2 million heat.


To be honest, it's more of a small potential problem that I'm seeing with a potentially obvious solution. If I didn't think that the solution would be easy, then I wouldn't have suggested it. Perhaps there are more benefits to this restriction than negative effects. :)

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But.. what else are those large heat jars for? :D


Fair enough, and after typing this out, I've realized the many benefits of this restriction. Sometimes it takes typing something out to realize something.

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