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Quest: Fyrd's Spirit Creatures.

Fyrd Argentus

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Fyrd's unbalanced, his inner child is running around "discovering" all the old spirits he had awoken before his mental break-down.

What to do:
1) Guess the correct way to address a spirit (clickie pswd)
2) Find all dozen and collect their clues
3) Solve the puzzle to learn the sad reason Fyrd lost it.

Only includes the common areas of no-man's-land, Marind Bell, and the MD Archives (south of the gate), so everybody can participate.

Just go search for clickies and guess that universal password.

Hint: this form of puzzle was made famous by the guy who invented the original White Rabbit.

No rewards unless sponsored, but this quest is the pre-requisite to another grand series of quests to come.

Just in case there is a sponsor, and you want to verify a time stamp, send me a forum PM with your answer.

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At 17:00 ST, a certain player [TBA later, so as to not bias any potential sponsorships] won a default victory by pointing out an error in the quest -- one clue was repeated while another was left out. This has been corrected. If you obtained a clue associated with a snake, you need to go back and get the corrected version. My apologies.

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1) Only one player has said they've come close, but still needs a HINT, so here it is. The Reverend Charles Dodgson made famous a sort of puzzle called a Syllogism. This is such a puzzle.

2) I now have WISHPOINTS to award. First to complete the syllogism properly gets the first WP.

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We have a winner! Valldore Nal solved the syllogism and wrote up a nice background too. Below is his solution - spoiler warning because it shows the clues and puzzle answer, but not the password. Congratulations!

I'm going to present the various clues for references on my answer (long message again, sorry ) :

All Spirits are indeed dead
All who are dead have at some point died
All those who have died have received a mortal assault
Mortal Assaults are either combat wounds or magical insults
Pickle Juice cures all combat wounds
Pickle Juice never cures Magical Insults
Everyone receiving Magical Insults passes into the Spirit Underground
Everyone in the Spirit Underground is lost and confused
Anyone lost and confused loses faith
Anyone with no faith loses hope
Anyone with no hope loses courage
Anyone with no courage will despair

So now to our problem. Fyrd had a break down and we need to find why. I think i finally know why Fyrd had a break down. The spirits told him all the clues they told me as well (or he already knew them) and he realized something.

All spirits are dead .
Since they are dead, at some point they died.
All those who have died, received a mortal assault. (So all spirits received it )
Mortal assault can be combat wound or magical insult
If it was combat wound, it would have been healed with pickle juice
Since they died and pickle juice doesn't cure magical insult, the assault was a magical insult
So all spirits received a magical insult.

At this point Fyrd has realized something already: he can't do anything to help the spirits (since they all received a magical insult) . And why is that a problem ?

Everyone receiving Magical Insults passes into the Spirit Underground (so all spirits pass there)

Everyone in the spirit underground is lost and confused (so all spirits are)
Anyone who is already lost and confused loses faith (so all spirits lost faith)
Anyone who already lost faith, loses hope (so all spirits lost hope)
Anyone who already lost hope, loses courage (so all spirits lost courage)
Anyone who already lost courage will despair (so all spirits will despair)

That is the conclusion Fyrd realized : All spirits will despair

He could do nothing about it to help them. And that's what caused Fyrd a mental break down



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pardon me, but i don't agree with the conclusion that: All spirits will despair.



If it was combat wound, it would have been healed with pickle juice


Among the clues, we don't have any that says All spirts were cured by pickle juice.

So it is possible that somebody received combat wound and didnt cured by pickle juice (Fyrd cannot be everywhere).

So Some spirits will not despair. Hence the conclusion is wrong.


Personally, i think the best we can conclude is : All spirts that could not have been cured by pickle juice will despair.


Edited by Dan
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Not sure where the quote came from, but we clearly don't agree on the solution.


Please note that Fyrd himself is never mentioned in the clues.  The clues stand alone and must be separated from the background story in your mind.  Your solutions often pulled Fyrd into the puzzle.


I do wish to acknowledge that you, Dan, were the first to find all 12 clues and take a stab at the solution.  Congrats on that!

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