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Probable Black and White tourney in the summer


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Just want to give you guys a heads up to train creatures in time, so I can more easily maneuver with organizing it when the time comes.


There will PROBABLY be a black and white tourney in the summer organized by me, with 1 WP for the winner, and other possible rewards depending on sponsors.


It consists of non-tokened, non-premium creatures (non-colored more precisely), no influence and no combo.

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Is it our responsibility to keep the creatures untokened ?


Because if i recall correctly there was some feature that enabled tokens to be ignored ( i think i read it somewhere) for such events but i'm not sure if my memory serves me well and if it does, do you plan to use something similar as well ?

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You will have to raise your own untokened creatures. Much more fun that way, makes you produce some effort, and avoids complicating the contest with asking admin help. There are other manifestations where you can use your rare tokened creatures (BHC for instance), so I don't see it as devaluing people's collection work and stats building. 


If the tourney proves to be a success (popular and relatively balanced), it will be held every once in a while (with at least several months distance, perhaps once a year).


In regards to other mind powers... I thought about it and no, this will be held only for mind power 5.


@Wookie, I'm glad you're feeling up for it.

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