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Marind Bell Government Structure

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  • Root Admin

Over the past weeks the new Marind Bell government structure has been planned and implemented. We are now having elections to elect a monarch  so i thought it was time to inform not just those who have access to our private forum how Marind Bell works.


This new governmental structure was initially planned by myself, reviewed by Rheagar and then discussed on our private forum by any citizens that wished to discuss it. The government is for MB, so MB shall decide how it functions.


The primary govermental position is a monarch, This person will have all the tools and be able to delegate these powers as they feel fit. The monarch is voted in every 6 months by all the citizens of Marind Bell. Any MB citizen can be a Monarch no matter how long or short they have been in the land. Nominations last a week and then voting lasts another week.


The monarch is aided by a council formed of 4 members, 3 alliance leaders and a forth important member, elected/chosen by the Marind Bell People. These council are people that you can go to, to discuss important matters of MB, and they have power over their respective alliance. This council represents the voices of the people, and if there is any issues you can go to the King or Monarch.


If you have any comments or questions please feel free to ask them. I have detailed a number of questions that Dan asked me today (thanks to Dan for asking me them)



Q: How can you elect a monarch?

A: Because the Marind Bell people decided you can.


Q: Why are you telling this, isnt it secret?

A: No, We believe that many people are too secretive to the detriment of many people. Marind Bell is the open land.. We do not wish to hide problems with our system, and we would much rather find and resolve them.  If another land wishs to use a part of our system in their government then they should feel free.


Q: What happens when a council member goes for kingship?

A: Nothing, the council stays as it is.


Q: Does land loyalty factor into voting?

A: No, the land should not be run by those with large land loyalty score. Those that have been in the land longer already have the massive bonus of being in the land a long period, and therefore are well known in the land. Adding on Land loyalty to a vote makes it even more unfair. Each member of Marind Bell has one vote.

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  • Root Admin

Will it be also known to the public the name(s) who are running for candidates?


For sure other lands and people can not affect this voting since only Marind's citizens are voting and hopefully they will vote for who is most suitable for the position and not most popular. Are the names being hidden to avoid influencing the voting?


Not at all, Its just that they havent been published. Only an oversight that they havent been :)


Fang, Magistra and myself are going for MD Monarchy, i have suggested to them they write a forum topic detailing a bit about them but as yet this has not occurred.

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