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po and the will to bury the hatchet - a story


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There are 3 things that need to be addressed here:


1)"MD would crumble were I to post all the dirt I have on 'powerful' individuals like yourself." - so far I have seen nothing and I highly doubt I will ever see (although you keep claiming you have things on me). I know what the limits are. I know what the rules are. I know where to stop. I think you are cornered and you just try to bluff. I understand it. It's normal. I would just like to remind you about the fact that you accuse me of slander but you brought no proofs and you're doing exactly what you're blaming me for.


2)"not to play your game no one/dst." Again this is slander. We are 2 different people. We are not alts. Even the system finally recognized this. If you have proof of us being the same person then I will bow to you. Until then I will consider another way of you trying to shift all the blame to me.


3)"As I have stated all along... just leave me alone (it is best for the realm).  I have been willing to bury the hatchet for a long Time now - how bout you give it a shot?" I did leave you alone because I considered you don't deserve my time. But unfortunately YOU didn't leave ME alone which in the end lead to you losing your role. I have posted enough proofs in the other thread but if there is need for more I can provide more. I just need some time to gather all the info from where I have it stored. As strange as it sounds when I make an accusation I always have proofs to back it up and you should know that by now. If you don't...that's your problem.


And now, for the rest of MD, let me tell you the story I promised in the title (with pictures because you know that I like pictures :) )


It all started in one fine December day when I received the below:



After we talked about stuff, I asked po what she/he/it (happy now?) wants from me and I got my answer:




At one point po resumed to only one request:



Which I granted it:




And with this the discussion ended or so I've thought back then (on 25th of December 2012).


But 2 weeks later (actually 20 days) I receive this print screen:



+ all the insulting PL entries and reportings to Grido.


This is not all the proofs I have (as I said like 3 times already:D) but for the moment I will stop here.


I haven't opened ANY topics on the forum about her (until the incident with the whole MD population being dreamt) but she opened one:


+she took ANY opportunity to complain on the forum about me.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. No, I don't want to be fooled a second time.

So, how can I bury the hatchet?






CHAPTER 2 -----> po provides evidence!!!




I'd did what she asked and searched the forums for people pluralizing proof by adding an "s". I was in SHOCK!

nadrolski, Grido, Alyon, Rhaegar and even Lazarus did it! (+ a lot of payers who are considered noobs or who have stopped playing) So according to her logic I found the Council members! Btw: it was only a superficial search so I am pretty sure I can find more if i look further into the matter.


Check the below archive which contains few print screens:



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