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Coloidal silver, anyone using?

Muratus del Mur

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I have not, but a good friend of mine went through a stage where she did, and we experimented a bit. (we were quite into "lets experiment on this" and not jsut rely on the Advertisements for efficacy of a few different herbal or 'alternative' medical options.)


She mostly had tried it as an antibacterial, in ointment/cream form, for the many cuts and scrapes from wildcrafting the outdoors, and as part of a tincture of other herbal things taken orally.   However, she stopped when she became pregnant, and worried about some spots which became -very slightly- grey over time (I believe it's called argyria?)  where she kept getting open wounds from outdoor life.    At that point, she stopped using it.


Topically, it seemed to have worked better than nothing.   In the case of a long scratch from briars getting partially treated, partially untreated, and partially with "Neosporin(tm)".   The silver-treated cuts healed a bit faster than "nothing" cuts, and very slightly slower than the [drug-based?] antibacterial ointment cuts.


Beyond that,  I can't claim any more detailed first-hand experience.

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Please test if you are allergic to silver.

From my little medical experience and theory knowledge, silver is most commonly used in burns. Especialy in patients suffering from diabetes or immunocompromised state.. The formulation comes as Silver Sulfadiazine Cream. Its really effective for minor burns. Not advisable for major burns.

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I use it since years and cured some nasty infections (one I had for stayed 1 1/2 years) with it in combination with a raw food diet. If you need more than this please ask me via PM and I will give you more info. 

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