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MD Themed DF Succession Fort, looking for dorfs


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Kyphis, rikstar, Change, and I are going to play a MD Themed DF Succession Fort. I'm going to start a fort, pass it along to another one of them, who will pass it along to someone else, who will pass it along to the last person, who will pass it along to me.


Throughout the Fortress's History we are going to take screenshots and write stories about the fortress and it will be something worth enjoying.


The purpose of this thread for the MD Community (YOU) to request to be dorf'd (we'll name a dwarf in the fortress after you :D)


Current Dorfs

  Starting 7:

-Rophs the Bowyer

-Rikstar the Miner

-Change the Brewer

-Kyphis the Engraver

-Maebius the Cook

-Rumi the Farmer

-Dolomich the Hunter


Dwarves that may migrate:

-Jester the Lye Making Lyesmith

-dst the Animal Trainer

-Koshu the Soapmaker

-Dante Lionheart the Stonecrafter


Form for requestin to be dorf'd

-Dorf Name

-Dorf Job (if you don't pick a job that doesn////////////////////////////////////////'t exist in DF then we'll just make you do a boring job nobody likes, you might want to look them up)


You can find a list of DF jobs:


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Well,  I have not played longer than 4-7 days of DF, and it was YEARS ago, but I'm quite willing to check it out again.  I had fond memories of mostly hearing my friends who played describe their adventures vicariously.  :)

I just re-downloaded it to try it out "for reals" this time, after you all reminded me of it.

(since I am not used to playing, I may simply request my name be there somewhere, and I'd like to read your reports.  I dont' want to kill any dorfs with my ineptitude until I climb the learning curve a bit first.  )


"Maebius the Beekeeper"   (or cook)  has a nice ring to it. 

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It's nice to see that there's a few DF players here =). I'm mostly playing the adventure mode and in fact I totaly forget how to play the fortress mode, but I really love this game. I once had a character who became a vampire by mistake, and then became unbeatable and killed all the demons who ruled the island... ah, memories...


Well, I would like to get a dwarf, why not "Dolomich the hunter" ?

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I never played DF, although I saw a friend play it many times.
I would like a dwarf, "Koshu Farsight, Tamer of Giant Sponges", with Cleaning as Job.

Also, a story of doom worth telling from one of my friends fortresses:

He was creating a defense mechanism which involved blocking the entrance and pumping lava to the outside of the entrance of the fortress, or something like that. One day, before such mechanism was finished, on the middle of a goblin siege, an elephant went directly into the fort, ignoring most of the dwarves, and going directly for the lever which actioned the whole unfinished mechanism. The result was quite simple: Lava got pumped out, the whole fortress got flooded in lava, everyone EXCEPT THE F* Elephant died.

I think that the elephant somehow earned a special title after that, when we checked the world's history he had something like that.

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Dante added,


List of Jobs I'd like people to pick:

-Mechanic (so we can make traps)

-Weaponsmith/Armorsmith (possibly both in one :P)

-Military dorfs (including one to be our General!)

-Clothing Maker

-Someone who makes sure there is cloth and thread to make clothers


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First migrants are in; eight dwarves. First four are claimed, four spaces open.


We got several military trained migrants in case !!FUN!! happens, and a weapon smith. Although I don't see any need for a Manager, I've never had one in any of my forts... Book keeper is more important.


We also embarked with pages and pages of thread/cloth/leather, so raw materials for clothes aren't too important :P

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