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24 hours timer - from tom because he couldnt be bothered to post it


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Before i post this idea, a reminder since some people refuse to read announcements or do what i request them politely, and wish to waste my time.

If you have an idea, it goes to the forum. Please do not PM me because i shall only replying stating i will lose it and it should be discussed by the public. If it is private, then send it to bugs address. Both of these will ensure i do not lose it (and end up telling everyone that you refuse to follow the simple rules). My time is sadly limited, so i dislike wasting it telling people to read and posting things like this.

I recently recieved this idea, i dont really understand what it means so lets hope the sender clarifies this or actually answers the question i sent him.


*From: Tom Pouce (ID:235946)
*sent 2 days and 16 hours ago Read later

read that and help MD
put an 24hrs timer with start button (main page or one of the 2 page off free credits) and indicator (watwver yu like on main interface page)

Do that and be an hero that will improve MD voting

(and no i wont post it , do it or not your choice)
(and i already suggested something mor or less similar)

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Hi its in same kind of idea of allready suggest i done

and at that time i was praise at it was an good idea that would help  MD by possibly getting more voting , but what .... nothing apend

and i see MD discutions of improvement in petty things, that even  could make MD less good like changing tool recal time make it random, or interface that is change to make it more harkward to use like now clic "see more" and then on an picture of coffer to see one inventory... an then only can clic detail  ...


i am not playing with as much time now, and i was feedup of not remembering when i had vote, and when i need to log to vote so i message chewett


he is nice and make new things for MD ... was thinking that it would make thing move


the idea is:


make it whatever way you want , but put on main interface something that will either

- say when one can can vote

- or say when he will be avalable to vote at the erliest




problem of now

if one dont remember when he last voted, he need to log in , make clics to go page with link and if he dont see red link

just know its not the time..


so if one really would like to vote, he need to go to that page oflink many times for nothing ... before seeing red links

Edited by Tom Pouce
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