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Small Improvement of the current User Quest Mechanism


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The goal it would be to:
 1. Allow users idependently know about active/upcomming quests and their status
 2. Allow questmakers to keep permanent quests active and still work and run other quests
 3. Allow questmakers give feedback directly by mdscript to the player
 4. Extend the concept to Events
 5. Interact with the current quest surveil/eval system by suppling the number of participants and their scores (everything unlinked ofc to keep anon)

What would possibily be needed:
1. Add a way to questmaker submit a quest init request that will return a QuestID associated with a player (only this player will be able to use/code this quest)
2. Add a internal way to store per each player quest related information
2. On the QDoc allow to have multiple quests
3. On each quest add to current fields:
    type (Quest/Event), startdate, enddate, maxapplicationdate
4. On MDScript Edit place a dropdown here player could choose with quest script he is editing (blank would be non associated script as today)
5. Add to MDScript a function that would allow interact with quest participant player
    where: <PercentCompleted> =   0 would reset the startdate and status
           <PercentCompleted> = 100 would set the enddate,status and if defined the rank and score
6. Add a player independed "Breaking News" (or whatever term is better for this) after the login screen and acessible by a link on the daily progress.



I open the topic in hope that with your help opinions this sugestion becomes more consistent and usefull. Also i realize it would deal a good programming effort that maybe at this time is not feasible, nevertheless one day.. it may become usefull.

So, if possible, give your opinnions and sugestions to improve the idea or state why the idea is not suited for MD.


Thank you



ps: probably/hopefully some of this is already contemplated by the ultra secret 2050..and what i'm sugesting is surpassed.


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  • Root Admin

This falls into "new player feedback" work, and will be looked into further by a group i just created, from the recent comments from new players saying they dont know what to do now, its something i plan to be working on, and something similar to that also. I had not considered having some form of mscriptable feedback so will think at looking at that.


But definitely something easier to customize than the q docs, and easier to ensure permanent quests stay permanent.

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This Idea is very good, but may I suggest that It be used similar to the map, profile, or crits page etc. (one of the pages on the panel) Rather than having it list events and maps that are upcomming, they show ones that you have agreed to take part in/ found (Some quests wrapped in mystery may only have a name and everything is looked for) But once started it works to keep track of what you've begun.

The percentage may not work very well, as anything with several paths or secret extras etc cannot or will be difficult to show.

With the events maybe show only ones that you have agreed to go to.

So like a personaly dairy that automatically keeps track of important things. I.e you've started these quests, and completed these ones (this is what you were rewarded maybe?)



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Thanks for the feedback *smiles*


I know that this is a bit more than some lines of work but i'm sure once we can reach  a "ideal" concept we can cut it at the best spot to lower the implementation costs (time). At least that's my personal method.. i'm lazy.. never code a word without have a full plan trimmed to what is essencial :-P


Aquellia, you have a good point. It was me that failed to explain the whole idea.. i've kind of though of the possibility to the user select what he considers relevant when i added the dismissed field in the player dependent information to store.

Still..i've failed by not presenting a interface (option btn or similar) to make de dismissal or to view former quest/events :-)


The percentage can be optional and the questmaker can decide to just use the comment to update the quest status.. I believe (by experience) that players like that the questmaker follow their progress.. Ok.. I admit that i have a lot of fun following the questers course :-P


Chewett, as you know i make no idea about how costly(in time) would it be to integrate with current QDoc. I've proposed it since i found common things there that i though could be reused/improved. Call it a professional flaw.. i'm lazy and always looking to integrate as much as i can in the least amount of code. :-P


[edit: corrected Chewett's name, sorry]

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  • Root Admin

q doc format is clunky, i propose a new interface and modifying qdoc.


All it needs is a couple interfaces for posting and such, i dont see it any more or less than the treasury feature or some of the reshuffles of code im doing.


I have already contacted Mur to get a billboard/notice board image be drawn, it will be situated somewhere in no mans land. The idea is you can go to it, sign up, create quests, ect ect. It also intergrates well with the quest voting that i am working with the questmaker rewarding players to create.

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