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Brainstorming Pseudo-code?


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Often, I have a good idea, and get stuck for a few days on how to "make that work" before I even write actual code.


Perhaps we cna use this thread to Bounce ideas off each other, and help out.  

Even non-coders could use this thread as a resource to pool our collective Brainpower into implimenting things.


So,  Ask away!




My first example:

    A database of sorts that checks if you've done specific activities, like "click this button every day". and earns the user points for staying "active".   A secondary interface that lets a seperate user view the "Activity Score" of other individuals and mess with it somehow, either by granting them a bonus, or a penalty.

Details of "active" can be generic, as I can fiddle with Date algorithms as needed.   I'm more trying to sort out the @Storage format to handle all that sort of thing, and not just lump it into a huge array, or tie up too many of the MDscript "variable Storage slots" limitations.  :)


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Apologies for not responding to Maeb's own idea; I don't have enough bad experiences with huge arrays to dislike them. But I do like the topic, so..


Something on the resource balancing topic reminded me of an old project that might be useful to someone: a Market clickable to facilitate trade of resources and small items between players.


Main: Welcome to the Market, etc

Options: Browse, Sell, Search



Form that asks:

- ITC, with option to add more ITCs

- Location: where seller says they can usually be found

- When the sale will end, in terms of days from now or as a calendar date

and collects

- uv('name') -- the seller's name, not the item owner's, in case the item owner wants to have someone else handle the selling for them

- uv('land') -- the item owner's land

with Submit button.



Table with columns Seller, Land, Items (dropdown list of items they’ve put up for sale), Location, Ends (when the seller has said their sale would end (Should this display as a calendar date or in terms of days from the current date?))

Hopefully item/resource images could be incorporated into this somehow, to make the market feel more real/present.



- Select the item you’re looking for from a drop-down list of items currently being sold

Cons--doesn’t make sense, doesn’t feel realistic

Pros--more people might use the market


I originally stopped working on this because it seemed like no one would use it, so any ideas that would incline you to use it (or really any in general) would be especially welcome.

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