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Ann. 722 - [2009-03-07 03:25:41 - Alpha 8]
Public role request.
Someone is needed for a dedicated RPC role that will be responsable with enhancing, editing, improving and customizing personal pages on request. The person selected for this will reeceive requests from other players for such personal papers customizations and will have a dedicated role as an "Document Editor" and they must be ready to fully dedicate to this role. This person won't be able to mix this role with an other one, at least not in the official description and tag. Candidates must present their personal pages to prove their skills to customize them. The uniqueness and beauty of their pages will be the main deciding factor for this role, next factor is personal reputation. This will be a full featured RPC role like any other, with wishpoint reward capability, quest editing and so on.
(The editor will only edit the look and feel of the pages, not the content. The content will be provided by the charcater requesting the modifications. The Editor can deny requests based on any reason, but must have an overall constant activity in helping others with this)




For a long period of time i performed this role unoffically, over the past years i have suggested this announcement to a number of people but sadly no one wished to take this on. Those that feel they could fulfil a role such as this should post here, stating why they could fulfill a role such as this and what they would do.


One or multiple people may be given this role or task, The rewards will not be as listed in the announcement.

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I would like to apply to such a role, I have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS and a fine eye for art and people, I am sure I could make peoples pages exactly how they would like to. I will create their pages not only how they request it, but adding beauty and style according to the person's character and role.


Should I make something nice in my papers that will prove my skill, as the ann. mentions?

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Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I'll apply again for this -- I had applied before through PMs soon after the OP was made


I've a good knowledge of HTML and CSS and a basic knowledge of Javascript, i.e. I can't do everything in Javascript, but I can search on the web about it and work on it, experiment, burn a few things in the process etc. etc. I also work semi-professionally as a photographer IRL, so I've got a good relationship with Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP and Inkscape


My profile page can be found here. I'm still working on the rest of my papers, for they're either too plain or take too long to load at the moment

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