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Darth's Game Idea 1: Zombie MMO


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     So one of the things I do to pass time is daydream about video games I'd like to play, and think are generally pretty kool. Often, I'm told my ideas are pretty decent and that those who I talk about them with would love to play them. (Though... I'm paranoid about the obvious possibilities of "white lies") I'd like to share these ideas with you guys to see if you'd consider playing them, or what you'd do differently. One of my favorite ideas is a Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG. 


     Basically, on character creation you choose a profession. Scavenger, an expert at picking out the best supplies to grab out of garbage; Soldier, an expert on warfare and combat tactics; Scout, an expert in stealth and recon; Medic, knows more about medicine than simple first aid; Engineer, a master at planning the construction of defenses and structures; Crafter, can take simple things and transform them into gear for nearly anyone on the team. After choosing your profession, you go through the base appearance customization. Finally, you choose a starting location which places you in your own instance (If you need definitions for things, lemme know). Suburban apartment, Farmhouse, or Hospital. Each of the three have their own benefits for supplies you can gather. 


     Once you arrive in your selected starting location, your character will begin to realize what is happening in the world around him. EVERYONE IS DYING, AND THE DEAD ARE DOING THE KILLING! :O Armed with a weapon based on your selected profession that you happen to find lying around, you are allowed to explore the world around you. One thing you will find is that the larger group of survivors, the more zombies that attack them and Zombies hordes attack at least once a night (there are still zombies wandering around everywhere). Players will be allowed to team up, and begin to make their own shelters. They can also take over abandoned structures around them (with a required distance from all other survivor structures) Walls, Traps, Trenches and look-out towers are all possible to be constructed. 


     There will be an array of Zombies to be battled. You'll find Zombies that tackle you and scratch at you, some that rush at you with to bite, some that crawl... And many more. There will also be Zombie wolves, bears, crows, dogs and other animals. Finally, you will find bandits heavily armed who will actually attack just to take your supplies. Not to mention, PvP will be open to the degree that other survivor groups can drive by, steal your goods, and run off. 



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